The 10 Best Facebook Groups for Creative Entrepreneurs

Facebook Groups

Why do you, a creative entrepreneur, need to find and join the best Facebook groups? Because you know that slapping up a company Facebook business page is just not enough to get the quality engagement you need. You want to be a part of communities that fulfill your creative business needs.

Facebook is all about interaction and engagement. And the smartest way to engage with others is to participate in the best Facebook groups in your niche… or ones that cater to your audience.

So how do you find the right Facebook groups? Which ones will connect you with the right people who’ll give you great advice or help you market your blog and website?

Participating in the best Facebook groups can actually help your business.

Facebook groups are created for specific brands, interests, organizations, clubs, and more. Usually, these are closed groups in which Facebook members can request to join. These groups offer discussions, surveys, informative articles, etc., based on the topic of the group. Many of them are an awesome place to get support and network with others.

Why Join Facebook Groups?

The variety of groups on Facebook differs from A to Z. You can find almost anything under the sun. That’s why there’s a huge chance that you can find a group that’s within your niche.

For creative entrepreneurs such as graphic designers and bloggers, you’ll want to find specific groups that cater to your needs. You might be looking for blogging tips or design advice for your website and marketing. Or perhaps you’d like a way to swap social media with others.

Regardless of your interest in a particular group, it’s good to remember that there are many successful entrepreneurs out there who can help guide and encourage you. Groups are essentially online communities… you can get to know someone, get advice, and share your own knowledge.

However, it’s important to find groups that offer what you need the most.

Here are the Top 10 best Facebook groups for creative entrepreneurs and businesses. Check them out.

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Creative entrepreneurs can join the 10 best Facebook groups for free. Communities on Facebook are great for networking, marketing, and learning about online business from each other. In a group, you’ll find more engagement than in most other platforms of social media.

1. Entrepreneurs Biz Network

Groups can be a bit overwhelming and intimidating at first. Joining a smaller, more personalized group can be a comfortable way of engaging in a group… and actually getting to know your network by name. You’re encouraged to ask questions and participate in discussions and daily threads that’ll nurture your biz.

In the Entrepreneurs Biz Network, online business owners can share stories, insights, and strategies. In return, you’ll get eyes on your stuff (links to products and services are allowed on special threads during the week), as well as online biz, marketing, and design tips.

The easy-going style of this group (you’ll find me there as an admin) makes it easy to ask for help or share something you’ve created. You can ask questions, tell a story, or offer advice anytime on the group’s wall, as well as post in the daily threads. This group is all about networking and becoming a successful online business.

Bonus:  You can also get FREE graphic design templates to help you easily create marketing and social media graphics, even without any design experience.

2. Blogging for New Bloggers

Blogging is an important part of marketing. A helpful blog can ensure success for your business. That’s why more and more entrepreneurs are jumping on board to write their own blogs.

This really is one of the best Facebook Groups when it comes to asking questions directly about blogging. It’s a large online community for those creative entrepreneurs who have a new blog or are thinking of setting up one.  You can ask questions about your blog content, technical aspects of blogging and how to get traffic to your blog.

3. The Creative Business Entrepreneur

If you sell Amazon Handmade or Etsy products, this group is for you. You can ask questions and tips from your fellow entrepreneurs. You can also share your own success story. It’s a place where creative individuals can gather together and talk about things that can help new business owners.

However, you can’t sell or promote your products. Remember, this is a place where you gather ideas for your company. There are lots of other buy and sell groups you can join if that’s what you’re after.

4. Bonnie Tsang’s Creative Entrepreneurs Community

This is a great group for your creative business. Bonnie describes her group as “the most nurturing group for creative entrepreneurs on Facebook.” This is a community in which to ask questions and share ideas on how to run your own businesses.

It’s also a great place for parents who are looking for a creative way to gain income. With over 900 members, you’ll surely find a place among them.

5. Pinning Ain’t Easy

Pinning and using Pinterest to gain traffic to your website is definitely not easy. This is one of the best Facebook groups to get support directly related to Pinterest. Get help creating a pinning strategy. And get tips on how to create more interesting pins.

There are nearly 5000 members, so you’ll be able to meet other businesses who’ll be willing to share your pins and boards. This group can help your Pinterest account grow.

6. The Graphics Creator Facebook Group

**** Update: This has now merged with the Laughingbird Software design and marketing group****
As entrepreneurs, we all know the importance of using great graphics for your website and marketing strategy. But not everyone can afford a professional graphic designer… or afford to wait for the long turn-around times and revisions of just one design.

This is truly the best Facebook group for creating and sharing graphics. Whenever and wherever you need graphics, The Graphics Creator, an easy-to-use design tool that even non-designers can use, is here for you.

In this group, you’ll also get great ideas from other business owners about creating with this simple online software.

The Web Graphics Creator group is a casual place to share your own designs, as well as to gather ideas for visual content and marketing. Members can post their designs, ask questions and share ideas. Not only is it a safe and positive place for creative minds, you’ll feel comfortable asking questions about design or the software itself.

7. Creative Entrepreneurs Mastermind Group

Here’s a group specifically for artists, performers, writers and coaches. This is a networking group for people who are passionate about creative success. Sharing wisdom and asking questions is encouraged.

This is not a place for self-promotion, but a comfortable network in which to learn from each other.

8. Passion Makers: Creative Entrepreneur Community

This is a new and growing group, making it an ideal place for artists, graphic designers, handmade sellers, and pretty much any entrepreneur who creates what he/she sells.

Share your ideas and get inspiration from others as well. If you need some feedback for your work before launching it, you can post it in this group. Plus, you’ll get opportunities to collaborate with other like-minded creatives.

9. The Creative + Confident Entrepreneur

The great thing about this group is that every type of entrepreneur is welcome. Share ideas and get focused with a little help from other members.

Then feel free to share your own experience and expertise. It’s a great place to gather for some creative marketing tips that will ultimately help your business.

10. Laughingbird Software Facebook Group

Here’s another of the best Facebook groups for creative entrepreneurs. This is a Facebook community that focuses on easily creating graphics for your online business, even if you don’t have any graphic design experience. Laughingbird Software has an option for a FREE design editing tool, as well as an online tool that’ll help you create cool graphics.

This group of thousands of members is active, fun, and helpful.

You can learn how to create marketing and social media graphics from the admins and lots of other experienced members. The best thing about this group, however, is that the members are NOT designers but small business owners and others who just enjoy being creative.

Ask questions, get tips, follow short tutorials, and share ideas. That’s what it’s all about.

This is also the best place to go to if you have questions regarding the Graphics Creator design software.

Make sure to check out some (or all!) of the best Facebook groups for creative entrepreneurs.

Each group has its benefits and will help you network, learn, and/or reach out to your target market. And, since anyone can join these communities, from anywhere in the world, amazing experiences await you!

Remember, the best Facebook Groups are the ones that we participate in  🙂

P.S.- Don’t forget to join my cozy networking group for creative entrepreneurs.


  1. Hey! I love this. I’m definitely going to check these out, but I’ve yet to dip my feet into the world of Pinterest haha.

    This is especially great, being an entrepreneur myself, it’s super helpful!

    • Great to hear Peter! Pinterest is definitely a great way for creative entrepreneurs to show their stuff! Even if you’re not on Pinterest, you can benefit from a lot of the other groups (and the groups that help you with graphics will actually help you out with Pinterest and other forms of marketing). They all tie together in one way or another… that’s why they’re some of my faves 🙂

  2. Perfect! Exactly what I was on the hunt for! Thanks for putting it all in one place <3

  3. Great information, can’t wait to join these groups, I need all the help I can get!


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  7. Thank you for sharing this list. I will definitely check out some of these groups. Great post!

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