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Although there are many products to choose from as an affiliate reseller, there’s a huge difference between the quality of each product, the offer, and the commission rate.

Therefore, making money as an affiliate needs a strategy. Take a look at the four ways that Laughingbird Software makes it easy and profitable to sell The Graphics Creator software.

1. A Product That’s Easy to Sell

To become a successful affiliate reseller takes more than just signing up for a hundred different products. Here are three important things to consider when deciding on an affiliate product to sell:

  • Choose an “evergreen’ product that you can sell year-round.
  • Find a product that has great tools to assist you in selling: Banners, product images, and product video tutorials, for example.
  • Choose a product that has a competitive commission rate: Earning 10% on one $20 product will earn you pennies as compared to earning 40-50% on several $37 products at a time (when your customer can add multiple products to a cart at a time, like what Laughingbird Software‘s shop allows).

Yes, Laughingbird checks all of the boxes above.

2. A “Private” Affiliate Program

The problem with selling products offered through a big affiliate company is that there are tens of thousands of people selling the same product. Yes, that’s the product you want to sell. Unfortunately, that means that the market to sell the product is saturated, especially if the product was just launched with the help of thousands of affiliates.

So for starters, you should know that Laughingbird Software has our own “private” affiliate program. What that means is this: We offer affiliate status to our customers through our privately created reseller program… not through a big affiliate company like Clickbank.

3. Get More Sales by Giving Away a Free Trial Version of The Graphics Creator Software

Free Laughingbird Design Software Trial
Offer This Free Graphics Creator 8 Software Trial

Giving away something of value for free to prospective customers will help you make sales.

First, your audience gets a glimpse of the value they’ll get if they buy from you. In turn, you’ll earn their trust and respect. Then they’ll feel confident that your product can really help them solve their problem.

Laughingbird Software lets you give away a free trial version of The Graphics Creator. By trying out the software, your audience will know exactly what they’re getting. And, more importantly, they’ll understand how they can create attention-getting graphics that’ll help them grow their own business.

4. Offer Video Support to Customers

Your customers will have easy access to Laughingbird Software’s own tutorial videos. This will help them see how the software works and give them tips and tricks on how to use design to grow their online business.

Once you’re accepted as an affiliate, we’ll tell you exactly how to do this.

The Benefits of Becoming a Laughingbird Software Affiliate

Here are more reasons why selling The Graphics Creator will make it easy to earn money with Laughingbird Software:

Lists the benefits of becoming a Laughingbird Software Affiliate.

How Easy Is It to Become a Laughingbird Software Affiliate?

Learn how to resell The Graphics Creator Software. Become an affiliate.

Learn more about Laughingbird Software’s affiliate program… and watch the video 🙂

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We’ll review your application and get back to you quickly, so you can start earning money fast 🙂

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