Increase Engagement with Characters on your Business Cards

Increase Engagement with Characters on your Business Cards

Stand-out from the crowd with a business card featuring a mascot or cartoon character.

Business cards don’t have to be boring! You can get attention with this…

Just add one of the 300+ characters in the downloadable mascot template set (Premium Content) to your business card (or create a logo using a character and put that on your business card).

If you don’t have a business card yet, you can create your own with the Logos and Business Card templates. When your card is ready, print it (about $25 for 250 cards from an online print shop) and pass them out to local shops, conferences, & network events.



With a character on it, the card will be easily noticed and recognized as your business, making it stand out from the rest!

Here’s a couple of other business card tips to help increase engagement: 

When giving out your card, hand-write something on one copy, such as your cell-phone number, a secondary e-mail address, or cute message. This will give your card a noticeable edge (and make others take a second look before tossing it)!

And, be sure to give a couple of “clean” cards to each contact as well, asking your new friend to pass one on to another potential customer.


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