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The Graphics Creator Software: New Fonts with Downloadable Software

You’ve been asking for this… and now the brand NEW Graphics Creator 8 DOWNLOADABLE software is here! 

Check it out!

Easy access to new fonts in downloadable software… is that even possible?

You’ve heard about the searchable royalty-free images and motion graphics capabilities that you’ll find in the new Graphics Creator software.

In addition, there’ll be new design templates, easy text manipulation AND… no subscription will be required 🙂

PLUS, you’ll also get our new “Quick-Wins” (completely free!) to help you make the most of your designs in the real world of marketing (more details to come!).

But, for now, watch the video to check out the amazing new fonts included in our new downloadable Graphics Creator 8 Software.

And… comment below to tell us what you think.

See how simple it’ll be to use beautiful new fonts that’ll improve the quality and “WOW” factor of your design?

You can easily try out different fonts and even search for a specific type of font, like “Handwriting”, “Display”, “Monospace”, “Serif”, or “Sans Serif”.

The brand, new Graphics Creator 8 is going to help you create stunning designs, in less time than ever!

Marc and Lisa

P.S. Been wishing you had a magic wand that’ll help you create what you need to grow your business? Well then, take a look at the NEW Graphics Creator 8 downloadable software 🙂

  November 13, 2019   Laughingbird Software News and Updates

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