You’re a pretty good writer. But you’re constantly challenged by blog graphics design!

You’ve probably heard that an article with high-quality blog graphics is read more easily and gets way more social media shares. The problem is that you’re NOT a graphic designer and you don’t have time to learn complicated design techniques.  Well, you don’t have to… really! You can learn blog graphics design in minutes. Watch the video and check out the six simple steps.


Want to watch how to create your own design right now? Here’s a quick video tutorial:



Learn how to design graphics now using The Creator 7  social media templates.

Just follow the steps below to get your FREE design tool. You can create awesome blog graphics with pre-designed templates.

And you can modify your templates any time. Maybe you just want to change your blog graphics background from gray to blue to see which gets more hits?

And, since you need graphics for blogging and social media every day, you need it to be super easy and at your fingertips. Besides, you don’t have time or money to hire a designer for each and every graphic. But, you really want to compete with the big companies who have in-house designers.

I’ll show you how you can! After just six, follow-along steps, you’ll have created your very own blog design.


Design blog graphics in 6 easy steps with The Creator7 social media templates.
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You can create your own blog designs using templates from The Creator graphic design software, Social Media Pak, which is seen here:

Design your own blog and website graphics with The Creator graphic design software by Laughingbird
The Creator Graphic Design Software















First, download The Creator design software for FREE.  

Yes, FREE!  
Then, grab the free templates and you’re ready to go.


Now, let’s get you started on designing your first blog graphic!

1. Begin creating your blog design

Select the free template set from the pull-down menu on the left. Then click on a template you want to use.


How to Select a template for your Blog Graphics


2. The software canvas

This is where you’ll be designing all of your images. You can re-size the canvas to a size needed for your blog, making it bigger, smaller, wider or taller. 

After selecting your first template, start by clicking on “Format Canvas”. Here you can re-size the canvas (making your overall image bigger or smaller) and change the color of the background.


Design Blog Graphics in 6 Easy Steps


A typical blog graphic header is a rectangle (1200 x 628 in our example). However, you may also wish to use a variety of sizes for smaller content graphics throughout your blog article.


3. Image menu

After selecting your first template, click on an image or object in the template to “highlight” it. Then you’ll see the “Image Menu” on the top left.

Choose where to go within the Image Menu. For example, if you click on “Image Format”, you’ll be taken to a menu of design choices. Use the sliders to make the image bigger. Just click on “Image Scale” and slide to the right.

To get a feel for the software, click on different menu choices and play around a bit.

Blog Graphics Design Tutorial


4. Text menu

Now change the text by clicking to highlight the text you want to change. The menu on the left will change to “Text Menu”. This menu works in the same way as the Image Menu but has more options.

If you want to edit the text but keep the chosen font, then click “Edit”. Change the text and hit “Implement”. Only the highlighted text will change. If you want to choose a different font, click “Format” and select from numerous fonts.

To add additional text, find the small box to the right of the Text Menu. Type in your desired text and hit “Add Text to Canvas”. Then click and hold the text to drag it to where you want it. Play with size and spacing using the sliders on the bottom of the Text Menu.

How to Select Fonts and color of Text for Blog Graphics


Finally, use the “Return to…” button on the bottom to go back to any menu, including “Format”. Here you can change the font, color, etc. of your image.


5. Importing an image

Yes, you can import images and resize them to fit your canvas!

To import an image that’s relevant to your blog, go to the “File” menu for The Creator software at the top of your screen and choose “Import PNG or JPG”. Select your image and you’ll now find it on the canvas!

Re-size and modify just like you would any image or object already included in The Creator.

Design Blog Graphics in 6 Easy Steps: A Graphic Design Tutorial

6. Exporting your final image

Once your design on the canvas is complete, go to the “File” menu and choose “Export JPG” (or PNG). After creating one or two images, you won’t need these instructions anymore.

It’s that easy to make blog graphics!

You may be ready to create even more online graphics for your blog, social media, website, advertisements or emails. Get more professional templates created for exactly what you need: eCovers, social media graphics, animated presentations, logos and more.  

You can also get help or design inspiration by joining Laughingbird’s private Facebook group.


Want more ideas on how to use The Creator 7 by Laughingbird Software? Make featured images, advertisements and graphics for your social media.

Perfectly-sized templates for bloggers are already included, such as Pinterest pins!


Get the graphics you need to bring customers to your blogHave amazing blog graphics by creating your own in 6 simple steps


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