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Feeling frustrated that you work so dang hard on a product and marketing… yet, you can’t seem to make enough online sales? But, you know you have a quality product and a fantastic offer. Well, here are 5 ways 3d book covers and mockup designs can help you sell more…

Use these 5 quick and easy ways of increasing your sales with 3d book covers and mockups.

1. 3d Book Cover

A 3d book cover design will make even your 15-page ebook look important and professional. If you simply add a link to your ebook and a couple of words describing it, chances are it won’t even get noticed enough to get many clicks.

However, if you offer a virtual cover graphic instead, your product will quickly catch the eye of your web site visitors:

An ebook design mapped to a virtual ecover
I used Laughingbird software’s eCover & Mockup Creator to make a book cover design in minutes. Using a template, I modified my design, saved it and then dragged it to the cover of the book to give it a beautiful 3d design.

2. Box Shot of Your Product

Having a virtual product has a lot of benefits when it comes to making online sales (for starters… you’re not losing money shipping out a physical product!)

However, if you’re selling a downloadable product, like software or an ebook, you can’t just take a photo to show your audience what they’re getting.

This is where a 3d box shot comes in. You can actually make it look like there’s a product inside the virtual box. Using an attention-grabbing title and cover design, your customers will know they’re getting a professional product, as well as a high-quality one.

eCover Example
I created this design from a template and then dragged it from my desktop onto the box of my choice.

3. Book Cover for Your Free or Paid Course Content

Course creators: Don’t underestimate the value of a beautiful course presentation. A 3d book cover can work just as well for a course! Create a cover that shows your audience the value they’ll be getting inside your course.

You can use a box shot or an ebook cover for this, just like below.

3d Book cover example showing pages inside
It’s helpful to show your awesome product cover along with examples of the content inside.

4. Presentation for Lead Magnets or Freebies

As an online marketer, you almost surely have a “freebie” or two to offer prospective customers. Giving away lots of value for free will earn trust and confidence in any other products you offer.

But did you notice the word “value”? Giving away a checklist, ebook, mini-course, or tips in your niche isn’t as easy as it sounds… people are skeptical about giving up their email address if they’re not sure they’re getting a valuable offer.

So, using an eCover for your free offer can help move them past their skepticism and onto your email list. A nice product presentation is the first step to gaining trust and showing value.

Book cover for free virtual product
A cover image like this could be used for your free offer (aka: Lead Magnet or Optin) of a checklist, blueprint, ebook, and more.

5. Mockup Design for Advertising

Here’s the great thing about mockups… you can use all of your 3d box shots, book covers, and graphics to really draw in a customer. Put your cover design in a frame, on a billboard, on a nice table, or even on the side of car (seriously). Take a look at some of the options…

Three cover designs hanging from the ceiling in a mockup
Just dragged each cover image directly onto the hanging posters in the pre-designed mockup.
ecover mockup example
You can put this book image on any background to give it a 3d look.

Okay, you’re ready to get started using 3d book covers, box shots, or mockups for your product presentations and advertisements. You’ll get more clicks and sales on a virtual product that looks professional and high-quality… so what are you waiting for?

It’s really, truly not hard…

The eCover and Mockup Creator gives you templates to start with and videos showing you how to create a book cover or box shot in just a few minutes. Then, it only takes a few more clicks to use your cover design in a mockup!

Shows computer software that lets you create book covers and mockup designs
Click the mockup to find out how you can easily create your own 3d covers!

Download Laughingbird Software’s eCover and Mockup Creator

… OR …

Get the entire online Web Graphics Creator (just log-in) that includes the eCover and mockup templates (+ 900 other design templates, video motion, and more).

Still not sure you can create your own 3d book covers, box shots, and mockups?

Watch this short video:

Video thumbnail showing book covers & cover design.
Watch how you can easily create eCovers & mockup designs for business and marketing!
Discover the 5 ways you can sell your products using book covers, box shots, & mockup software.
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Book covers, box shots, and mockups help you sell online like a professional marketer.
In addition to eCovers, Laughingbird Software also lets you create Pinterest pins and any other social media graphic.


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    I love your products and I will always be a huge fan and customer!
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    1. Hi Kevin! Oh wow, what a great testimonial 🙂
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