Monthly Archives: December 2016

Mac update for Sierra! Fixed!

The Mac Sierra bug has been fixed

You can download the update to version 7.2.7 here:

This fixes the drag and drop issue when you’re trying to drag images onto the canvas. And it also fixed the issue of that frustrating “rubber band” effect while you’re dragging images aroumd on the canvas.

So download the update and you’ll be back up and running again ¬†ūüėÄ

Post Perfect Facebook Images with this Simple Trick

You already know¬†that Facebook is a powerful way¬†to share¬†your greatness with the world. But, if your Facebook images aren’t created and posted¬†correctly, you‚Äôve just officially wasted your valuable time and effort.

After all, your number one goal is to connect with¬†your audience.¬†But what if your audience isn‚Äôt connecting with you?! They’re not clicking over to¬†your posts! And your effort¬†has all been a big, fat waste of time!

Poorly optimized Facebook images can be one of the biggest roadblocks for your audience.

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