Get ready for animated elements in the new Web Graphics Creator!

Hi Creatorpreneurs.

We truly appreciate the ongoing, thoughtful comments and questions about the unique, new design tool we’ve been showing you. It'll be ready to play with in just a few more days.

So far we've shown you our extensive font collection through Google and brand new image integration with easy access to thousands of royalty-free, commercial use images... (included FREE!)  Select an image immediately and pop it into your designs!

Are you ready for two more BRAND NEW features that'll make your designs fully stand out above the rest?

Animated gifs and video motion backgrounds!

Watch this:

Here's one of the original templates you can find in the app:

And here is that same template with a video element!

This feature is great for:
1. page headers
2. youtube intros
3. Animated Ads
4. you can even create an animated Facebook cover page graphic:

And it just keeps getting better...
You’ll have access to the software and all of it's new features... anywhere you have a wifi connection (at home, traveling, business conference or Starbucks). And, yes, it’ll work on a laptop!

What’s really cool for all of us??? The new technology we’ve used to create this design tool allows us to add upgraded features, new templates and new graphics super duper easily! 

This means that we can continuously add awesome upgrades WITHOUT you ever having to download or “add” anything! All the fantastic new stuff will be in your account as soon as you sign in (and there will NEVER be an additional charge for anything we add to The Web Graphics Creator).

and yes, we'll be giving you, as part of our laughingbird family, access to it before anyone else...

And at a big DISCOUNT! Hey, you've earned this discount for sticking with us through so many versions of The Logo Creator (starting in 2001) and The Creator7 🙂

Just keep in mind that the discount will only last for a short time until we announce it to the public... then we'll be increasing the price permanently. 

If you’re ready for a huge step up in technology that’ll let you design more efficiently and help your visual content stand out above the rest, then watch for the next email with all of the details! 


Can't wait to let this out into the world.
We're almost ready. 🙂

Make sure to leave a comment or suggestion below!

Marc & Lisa


Marc & Lisa Sylvester
The Creators of Laughingbird Software 

  • Hello, Lisa and Mark … I’m José Luís Milán and I would like to congratulate you again for such a successful creation, I am very interested in the appearance of this product on the market, without a doubt … I will make it my favorite tool, thank you very much for making our work easier with applications like this.

    • Thank you so much José! Marc and I just want to make creating your own graphics as easy as possible 🙂

  • Amazing as it draws attention. If a picture is worth a thousand words, an animation is also worth 2000 words 😛

    Looks 2018 is rich in many more features.

    • Hahaha…Thanks Ashish! Yes, we wanted to give you a way to really help your visual content get noticed 🙂

  • Love what you’re doing…the growth over the years has been terrific; but these improvements are nothing short of amazing, thanks 🙂

  • I use the Laughingbird Creator almost daily now and love it. Can’t wait to try out the new program. Glad to see I can import my own video’s.

  • Would you be able to add as a source of pictures? They also are a free CC license site. I use them a lot.

    • Hi Lemuel.
      We will be adding Pixabay in the future – BUT, you can use Pixabay yourself and simply save an image to your desktop… then launch The Web Graphics Creator and drag the image from your desktop onto the canvas!

      So, in effect, you can use ANY photo library 😀

  • The old Logo Creator has certainly transformed, it’s got better & better, transforming to fill user’s needs. But whatever the name, it’s always been my favorite software to quickly create an image of any kind.

  • WOW!…is all I can say, and I am truly in awe of this new software Marc & Lisa….truly this is way above everything that we have experienced before. Looking forward to getting this for my own personal use. One question, will the graphic size of the Web Graphic Creator fit’s perfectly onto a laptop screen size as compared to Logo Creator & Creator 7, which was quite big and needed much adjustment to get a good design graphics created?

    • Thanks Marcus!!! Yes, you can absolutely use it on your laptop… the canvas size will automatically adjust to fit your screen size 🙂

  • Great work and its looking very interesting indeed! Will we be able to add more (our own?) motion backgrounds to the librrary for use in the FB Ads etc?

  • Now I am SURE it’s going to talk when it is released. LOL Maybe others have suggested this, but if not … the ability to add a royalty free music track to the motion graphics would be awesome. If you check out my header, I have motion on the smoke and I have music on the header. Currently, I use Creator 7 to make the graphic and another program to add motion and music. To have it in one software would be MAGICK! (my way of spelling it). Please consider.

  • Some great features. I have designed some websites for friends and family, so I am looking forward to ‘playing’ with this software.

  • I am looking forward to the release date. Did you know that your emails come to me with spam warnings all over them? I use Thunderbird mail. The warnings have been coming for at least a year. But I recognize your work (but not the return addresses.) This could scare away new customers.

    • Hi Michel 🙂
      oh wow. Really? No… I did NOT know that. hmmm… I wonder why?

      I’ll take a look at my mail server. Thanks for the heads up on this.

  • Cant wait! We need to update some images and I am launching another small business that I would love to use your software to make my graphics for my presentations and online videos! Let’s do this!

  • Can we keep Creator 7 or the Logo Creator installed as desktop software and use the Web Graphics creator in the cloud with the same local storage assets?

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