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Increase your image resolution


How to put your logo design onto coffee mugs and T-shirts

Since The Logo Creator can’t export a “vector” or “EPS” image… I needed to find a way for you to increase the resolution of the image you create so that you could put it onto mouse pads, coffee mugs and T-shirts! This tutorial will show you how in just 4 minutes  🙂

Watch me increase the resolution and size of the image without losing its quality – and I’ll show you three websites I use (Vistaprint, Cafepress, and “”) that helps make this all happen.

Make sure to watch the video FULL SCREEN and in HD for the full awesome power of YouTube.

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Hi there! My name is Marc. Along with my wife Lisa, we run the best design software company on the net! Come on in and check out Laughingbird Software! You'll love it!

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  • Richard says:

    Hi Marc,

    Oh yes I am impressed how can you get better than the last tip. You just did. Loving Creator 7 for ever.

  • Greg says:

    Love your software !!
    Best I’ve ever found & tried lots of different programs.
    Very user friendly & the quality is 5 Stars *****

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