Design Creative Graphics with these 5 Fun Ideas

Have you ever thought how cool it’d be to become a professional designer, but decided there was way too much money and time involved? Not to mention that your plate is full already, right?

Well, here are 5 creative graphics ideas that you can design in less than one hour, even if you’re not a graphic designer.

Creative Graphics Ideas that You Can Create with the Scenery Creator Templates and Software


One of the techniques that’ll make you look like a professional designer is layering graphics. Photoshop actually uses layers to create a final design.

However, you’re probably thinking that there’s no way you have time to spend months learning how to create amazing graphics (you’d rather start creating now)! 

Here are 5 fun and creative design ideas that’ll make you look like a professional designer.  Use pre-designed layers with images included in the Scenery Creator templates software or import your own photos.

Download The Scenery Creator templates!


The video shows you exactly how to make the 5 creative designs ideas below:

Birthday Card Graphics

Make a birthday or holiday e-card for family, friends, or clients without spending upwards of $5.99 on each card. Personalize each card with a background photo…perhaps a picture of you and your friend, or even a beautiful photo that you know your mom would like. 

FYI… the Web Graphics Creator online software comes with instant access to professional photos within the software.


Creative Photo Frames

Why email just a picture when you can use beautiful layers to frame it first?


Invitation Designs

Let’s face it! Invitations are expensive and time-consuming to write and send. Instead, create one professional-looking invitation just by dragging and dropping layers and images… then email it or post on social media for your invitees to see.



Design flyers with creative graphics instead of just a boring image and text. After all, the point is to get people to your event, not bore them with another piece of paper that’ll end up in the trash. Again, just email it directly or post it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Many schools and agencies will also include flyers in their newsletter or as an attachment to their monthly calendar.


Inspirational Images

Sharing inspiration and favorite quotes are some of the most popular posts on social media. Get creative and design a layered graphic with a stunning background image. Then add a helpful tip or quote. Post on social or send to friends, family, or clients.


That’s just five creative graphic designs you can make with the Scenery Creator software templates!

Make 3-5 of your own creative graphics in less than one hour:

Download The Scenery Creator templates!

P.S. You might also be interested in using layered graphics for your creative background images.

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  • Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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  • amazing video.
    nice tips.
    thanks for sharing it.

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    KRISHNA Reply
    • Thanks Krishna . 🙂
      Glad you liked it all

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  • Very well done video. Nice ideas. Thanks for sharing! Love using both WGC and TC7 daily!

    23 May - 2019 at 01:52 PM

    SadDuck Reply
    • Thanks SadDuck and great to hear! Using layers in the scenery template is a lot of fun… and the designs are unique, so they really stand out 🙂

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      Lisa Sylvester Reply

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