7 awesome image ideas

Running out of ideas?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Definitely not alone.

Every day, creatives from all over the world are collectively scratching their heads in trying to look for the next big image idea.

Of course you can just go and grab an image somewhere and post it on your blog or social media.

It’s an image, right?

That should be enough.

Well, it’s not.

An image grabs your attention the moment your eyes hit the page. A bad or irrelevant image can make your visitor close the page. However, if you put an awesome image on your page or social media profile, people will stay, read, and browse.

That’s what you want.

So your aim is to ensure all your images are awesome and interesting. Sounds easy enough, eh?

Sadly, ideas don’t just flow out an everlasting spring.

But that’s OK. You’re not expected to be great every single day. Sometimes you need external help in creating awesome images.

So, in this quick article, I’m going to help you out. I’ve listed down 7 of the best image ideas you can use for your next blog post or social media status.

Awesome Image Ideas

1. Something funny – You can’t possibly go wrong with adding a bit of humor in your images. However, this does not mean you can just search for a funny image and slap it on your post. While that can still go viral, it won’t be relevant to your target market. Make sure you find a funny image that resonates with your post or niche. Oh and funny cat pictures are almost always funny. Just don’t abuse them.

2. Infographics – Life is pretty simple. You keep the things that benefits you and disregard the ones that offer you nothing. It’s the same online. If your blog or social media accounts offers nothing but self-serving posts or random cat pictures, people might forget about you. This is where infographics come in. Infographics offer information in an easy-to-understand method. People gobble them up especially if they see that there is value in the infographic. It is highly shareable and you can expect to get viral with a good infographic.

3. Tips and Quotes – If you think putting tips and quotes on images are too cliche then you are probably right. However, a lot of people on social media like sharing these kinds of pictures. It may be because they relate to the message or they know somebody who might benefit from the message. Either way, it’s never too bad to share a quote or tip image every now and then. Just make sure you don’t build your content or social media presence around such images.

4. Images of your business or office – Sometimes, if you want your blog or social media account to feel “human” then you might want to consider using real pictures of your office or business. Working on a blog article about dealing with clients? Why not put a picture of one of the clients you work with (with their permission of course)? It makes your blog or social media account feel like it is handled by humans instead of robots.

5. Eye-catching images“But hey! Aren’t all images supposed to be eye-catching?” Well, yes. But eye-catching also means unique and interesting. Something that can make the viewer say “IS THAT REAL?”. It should also be cool enough to be shared because that’s the end goal, right? To reach a bigger audience? Just remember that while an image can be eye-catching, you should still make sure that your post includes a relevant status.

(the image above was created with our online graphics creator tool: The Web Graphics Creator)

6. GIFs – Do you know what’s better than images? How about images that move? I’ve thought about whether adding GIFs to this list will count and I ultimately made the decision that they are still considered “images” by the majority. Now, why are GIFs good? Well, they give images a whole new dimension. Even though most GIFs last for a couple of seconds, this is more than enough to convey a message. If you want to go the funny route, there are a number of reaction GIFs out there that can help your readers relate to your piece.

7. Memes – If you are wondering why memes get a separate listing from funny images, we have to understand that not all memes are funny. Some are thought provoking and others are controversial. How “good” they are depends mostly on whether you use them correctly. If your target market is around 35 and below, memes can be a great way to communicate with them. Just remember that memes can be hit-or-miss so take extra caution when using them.

Let me know if this gets your creative engine revving!

Now I’m off to make some graphics!  😀