Create your own beautiful images and get more traffic, more clicks, and more sales!

The Graphics Creator is an easy-to-use graphics tool.

With over 1,200 unique templates to explore and turn into your own work, you have limitless possibilities for creating your images. The creator allows you to make cartoon mascots in minutes so that it can be put into a YouTube thumbnail. You can create logos AND business cards... and so much more!



Laughingbird Software brought out a creativity I didn’t know I had. The simplicity of using this software would make anyone feel like they were a graphic designer. Attention to detail is everything and the thousands of options available mean no idea or thought can’t be brought to visual life!

used to outsource my designs but the results I now get using this software easily match those produced by the experts. With features such as easy drag and drop, the color picker and font selection, it's only limited by one's own imagination! This software is THE BEST out there by a milestone.

Trish Mullen Entrepreneur

Doug Campbell  I’m an old Navy guy where nothing was easy. After my time in the military I have grown to love the word “easy.”

After a hiccup (my fault entirely) with registration and quickly resolved by Marc, I began to use the product this evening. It is the epitome of “easy!”

It was well worth the money spent and will certainly come in handy at both work as well as projects I’m involved in outside of work. Thanks again to Marc for helping me get over the registration hump!


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Doug DeMercurio Easy to use, Short learning curve, and templates speed up the creative process. Love this software!


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