Upgrade to The Creator version 7.2

Go ahead! Download it!  -- no dialog boxes ... no filling out forms - just a straight and easy download.

Come back to this page and leave a comment below! We'd love to hear what you think of the new software!

Hi everybody!

Lisa and I are proud to announce the update to version 7.2.1!

The new version 7.2.1 now fixes a few crazy bugs and streamlines your working area. We've also released a new feature that's been requested quite a bit!

( and stay tuned next week! We'll be launching two new template sets! )

The Flat Graphics Pack!
(60 new templates and a ton of 'flat graphics' to use for all kinds of projects!)

And the eCover Creator!
Create your own eCovers and "map" them to a ton of cool 3D software boxes, eBooks, Kindle covers and more!)

Download the update to version 7.2.1

(this does not contain any templates. Just the App! 🙂 )

(there is no need to "uninstall" your previous version. Just download this file and run the installer)

New Feature!


Color Picker!

Now, there's a new way to match colors on your design!

Just select any image or text item as you normally did, but now - on the color palette, you'll notice a new Color-Picker Icon!

• Click on your text.
• Choose the COLOR button to change the color of the text  ...you'll now notice the new color picker icon! Click the icon, and then click your mouse anywhere on the canvas to set the new color!


Bug Fixes and Improvements:

Image Rotation Bug.
In previous versions, if you rotated a large graphic that you imported, the graphic distorts.
This was a pretty big problem but it's now ... fixed!  😀

The disappearing 'My Templates' folder
Also a pretty big issue. On certain computers, saving a template sometimes caused the entire set of My Templates to evaporate!  😮  - This has been fixed. For good.

The Opening Browser Window
You know that splash screen that appears when you launch the software? Some links you click on will now open in your own browser so you don't miss any info or videos and you can still play with the software!

Small Icons
The little Facebook icon at the very top right of the software now opens to our Laughingbird group on Facebook (rather than the Facebook business page). Facebook has made it hard to ask questions on Facebook pages - but asking questions in the Group is much easier

Format Canvas
The "FORMAT CANVAS" button (that allows you to resize the canvas or change the background color) is now easily accessible from the left panel rather than kind of hidden in the menu

"Sticky" open and save folders!
Yes! Finally, when you want to import a graphic, you can now open any folder to import it ... and the next time you want to import, this same folder will open by default. Same goes for saving.

Save a version is now "Save as.."
Previous version allowed you to save a template you were working on to your desktop. This menu option now says "Save as... " instead of "Save a Version..."

Save / Don't Save
The save dialog for saving templates now switches the "Save and "Don't Save" buttons.

Undo / Redo Bug fix
Previously, hitting the Undo button multiple times lost some of the fine details (like outline sizing). this is fixed.

Have fun with it all!

Leave a comment below - Let us know what you think!

  • Susie says:

    A couple who just keep giving to their customers!
    Fantastic Marc & Lisa, you are absolutely special!

  • Vicky Bruce says:

    Thank you – loving it! too

  • rick says:

    Great Mark!
    I just downloaded and opened the V7.2 ..l am impressed!
    I love the “Sticky” open and save folders..it saves loads of time!

  • Hi Marc,

    I do most of my graphics needs on The Creator.. The new version is a plus

  • Greetings Marc

    As usual…the benchmark for how all vendors should be…Keith Richard

  • Duane Pearson says:

    One of the greatest programs ever created , updates are free , content is excellent , MARC you’ve done it again …. you and LISA should be proud , THANK YOU BOTH

  • Steven Scott says:

    Once again, always amazed at the professionalism and wonderful ease to creating beautiful images. Thanks for the updates. Awesome!

  • Subhash says:

    Thanx a lot Ir, for this Multi OS compatible software version.

  • This has to be the best software purchase I ever made. Sorry about the delay in updating been spending to much time on the beach this summer. Better get back to work now with this improved tool. Dang it! LOL!

    You Guys

    • Hi Debbie!
      Thanks for the post — sitting on the beach is WAY more fun than spending time in a dark room on a computer 😀

      But when the beach is done, install and have fun!
      (lol! what a great slogan!)

  • Heather MacLean says:

    Thank you for the update. i enjoy your programs and their evolution over the years.
    My work is not online but in hard copy and believe it or not, there is still some hard copy required in the world. Your programs make us all look good!
    BTW the upgrade installed easily and seems to be working just fine. I use Win.7

  • Messanayah says:

    awesome software Ive always liked logo creator:) you guys are doing a great job with your products!:)

  • Ramachandran says:

    Thanks for the update. To buy the 4 update version at $47, can I use the credit available or it has to be a separate purchase? The product is really a nice one. Thank you again

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