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10 ways to advertise your product for FREE

Looking for a few tips on advertising your product or service… for FREE? Take a look at this list of 10 and you’ll be on your way to marketing 😀

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Create your own custom template

Hi everybody!
In today’s tutorial video, I’ll show you how to use The Logo Creator to create your own custom templates and I’ll show you how to use them so that they won’t get altered after you edit it.

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Putting Images Into Text

Hi Creatorpreneurs 

Here’s a cool technique I wanted to share with you while using The Logo Creator software

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Use The Creator7 by Laughingbird Software to create INSTANT watermark graphics

Hi everybody! 😀
I haven’t done a video tutorial in awhile so I thought I’d do one today for you.

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Use The Logo Creator to Create a True Reflection

The reflection technique I show you in this video doesn’t just create a mirror image of the text, the reflection actually fades away (to a ‘zero opacity’)! so that no matter what background you’ve got for your website, the reflection will fade away … like a real reflection:

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