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What Are the Most Important Search Engine Optimization Techniques for 2016?

Here at Laughingbird Software, Marc and I are continuously working on being Search Engine Optimization winners. 
…And hey, it’s tough.

The game is constantly changing and keeping up with it can bring on moments of chair kicking dread. Knowing that most of Laughingbird’s customers are struggling with this as well, I decided to research what the most important considerations are for the current SEO landscape and what steps we might take now to keep up with where SEO is heading as we move into 2016.

5 SEO Web Design Tips

Online businesses must adapt to new search engine tactics quickly, somehow figuring out how to do this while at the same time focusing on other tactics to sell a product or service. Proper website design and copy pulls the search engines to your site, allowing them to properly index your site.

In my previous day’s blog, “What Are the Most Important SEO Techniques for 2016?” I mentioned how content is still very important to our daily existence as a business on the web. Now let’s talk about providing really great content. This is the first tip.