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Create attention-getting Social Media Design in 4 easy steps

Social Media Design: Create and Post in 4 Easy Steps

You need stunning social media design to bring attention to your online business. Of course, you know that! However, you also know it’s a challenge to put yourself out there on social media because It’s

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Make Your Own Logo with The Logo Creator

– This video shows you how to make your own logo with easy to use software… The Logo Creator by Laughingbird Software. Create logos and SELL them if you wish!  

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Design Creative Graphics with these 5 Fun Ideas

Have you ever thought how cool it’d be to become a professional designer, but decided there was way too much money and time involved? Not to mention that your plate is full already, right? Well,

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How to Make Money Designing Logos

How to Make Money Designing Logos

You can make money designing logos… And you don’t have to be a designer, or even think that you’re a creative person! I’m going to show you how to quickly create a variety of logos

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Use bold readable fonts

Using Fonts: Easy Design Checklist

Using fonts effectively is essential to creating amazing graphics… and easy with Laughingbird Software’s design checklist.   If you’re not a designer (or even if you’re a beginning

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