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Graphic design tutorials and tips

Graphic Design Resources for Beginning Designers

Graphic Design Resources every designer should try

Have you just started designing and are looking for graphic design resources to help you out?

Whether you’re a budding designer, an online marketer or a small business creating your own graphics, consider this… Wouldn’t it be easier and more convenient to play smarter rather than harder?! After all, at the end of the day, creating amazing designs without spending a lot of time doing it makes a lot of sense.

That’s why smart, newbie designers stock up on the best images, photos, fonts, and templates that they can find. Beginning designers will find that designing graphics is much easier when having access to the best graphic design resources.

The 10 Best Facebook Groups for Creative Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Best Facebook Groups for Creative Entrepreneurs to join for free

Why do you, a creative entrepreneur, need to find and join the best Facebook groups? Because you know that slapping up a company Facebook business page is just not enough to get the quality engagement you need. You want to be a part of communities that fulfill your creative business needs.

Facebook is all about interaction and engagement. And the smartest way to engage with others is to participate in the best Facebook groups in your niche… or ones that cater to your audience.

So how do you find the right Facebook groups? Which ones will connect you with the right people who’ll give you great advice or help you market your blog and website?

Graphic Design Basics for Online Entrepreneurs

How to create great visual design by learning the basics and using the right tool

Understanding graphic design basics could make the difference between success and failure as an online entrepreneur.


Using visuals that get the attention of your audience is super important. It doesn’t have to be hard. One option is to use pre-designed templates, which is fast and easy.

However, take a few minutes to understand the basic elements of design. Get the skills to create stunning images and then you’ll be able to easily create visual content for your marketing, blog and website.

Graphic Design for Bloggers: 3 Designs You Need to Succeed

Bloggers can design their own graphics using professionally made templates

Great graphic design for bloggers only requires three types of graphics to succeed in online business.


How many times have you clicked on an article link hoping to get your blogging questions answered? Probably hundreds, if not thousands. And how many times do you find a well laid-out, visually-appealing, informative and interesting article that holds your attention (and actually provides you with valuable information)? 45% of the time? 20%?

If you want to be a professional blogger, you’re going to have to do better than that. Find out which designs you need to use in every article as a blogger and how you can create them all by yourself.

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