Top Five Content Marketing Tips For People Who Hate To Write

So here you are, reading something new every day about how you have to get into content marketing …but you hate writing. It’s not just missing from the top of your list. It’s not even on there! Maybe you think you’re a terrible writer, maybe you can’t get your thoughts out even when you try.

Or maybe you’re a great writer but you just hate it! All is not lost. These content marketing tips for creating great content are for people who hate to write just like you do.



One of the biggest reasons people get frustrated with writing is that you have to come up with ideas and express them on command. This isn’t always easy! One of the sneakier content marketing tips is to keep a journal, even if it’s really just a list. Every time you think of a good idea for your business, get annoyed by someone’s behavior as a professional or see something awesome, write it down. Before you know it you’ll have a long list of ideas and thoughts because these things happen all day long, every day.



There are plenty of people out there who could talk their way into or out of anything – so long as they didn’t have to write it down. If this is you, why not use video to create visual content? If you create a simple 3-5 minute video every few days with your own business tips, tricks, war stories and strategies — or even content marketing tips! — you’ll fill up a YouTube channel for your business quickly. You can market with that content,share it on social media platforms, and even transcribe it for automatic written content.



Podcasts are really a trending phenomenon, and they are a way that people who would rather not read a lot get their new information. Take charge of this star amongst content marketing tips as a hater of writing and find your reading counterparts who want to listen instead. They’re your audience! If you’re a better talker and you hate writing but you don’t want to be seen, start a podcast. Like the video option you can still use social media to promote your podcast, and your notes, “takeaways” or even a transcript can accompany it. (use Laughingbird’s Logo Maker tool to create the podcast cover!)



If you really think written content is your best or only option and you just can’t produce it yourself, you can hire a ghostwriter. This form of outsourcing is very common and it can produce awesome results. Imagine just speaking to a ghostwriter for an “idea dump” and then receiving a well-written version of your ideas transformed into content marketing gold by email! And it doesn’t have to be expensive. One of the reasons outsourcing works so well is that there is almost always someone willing to do a job for a low price.



Since one of the cardinal rules of content marketing is to always add value, why not try curating to do just that? If you and your business are a steady, reliable source of information in your field, no one is going to care where it comes from. In other words if you follow your industry closely anyway and can point out the best content out there frequently, you’ll still be a great resource for your customers and people who you want to turn into customers. One of the greatest content marketing tips for people who hate to write is to find great writing, video, images and audio that’s already out there. Why reinvent the wheel?


If you’re a hater when it comes to writing, don’t despair. These content marketing tips for people who hate to write are your golden ticket. (…and, once you write your blog article, make sure you use The Logo Creator to create your graphics for the article!)