Five important reasons you should do your own graphic design

Graphic Design Software: The Top 5 Reasons to Learn

Do you want great graphic design at your fingertips? How about complete control over your branding and design needs? Need flexibility? Using graphic design software may be right for you!

Check out the top 5 reasons to learn graphic design software and brand your business today.




1. Get your graphics done when you want and how you want.

The importance of using graphic design software:  How many times have you waited and waited for a logo to come from a designer, only to finally receive it and it’s not what you envisioned at all. Then, it’s not like you could go back and modify it the way you wanted. Once again, you had to explain what you wanted and hope that it came back looking just right the next time (and was it a free revision? Maybe. Maybe not).

Also, if you’re making a graphic with an online design tool, once you export it and pay for it, then you’ve gotten all you’re getting. No revisions, no modifications, no more graphics to go with it. This problem is exactly what leads to the next reason that it’s important to use graphic design software.

2. Make as many graphic designs for your brand as you want, instead of just getting what you can afford.

A logo is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to good graphic design. To run a viable online business, you also need buttons, banners, advertisements, page headers, blog graphics and social media design (on a daily basis!)… and more. With graphic design software, you pay once and make as many graphics as you need. In addition, you can change your web site’s graphics as much as you want (say when you’re tired of black and white and want to give your site or blog a facelift with new colors), giving you a ton of freedom and saving you a ton of money! Check out the simple color changes in the two graphics below (created using Laughingbird Software’s graphic design software). By using any branding design software, there’s no extra charge for making a small change, even a year later.
Create a website or blog design using graphic design software


3. Create great web graphics upon demand.

Look, you and I both hate paying for something that we don’t end up using for months…if ever! Everything in business takes longer than we plan, and if you’re like me, changing directions suddenly is pretty common. After all, we have to work it until we get it right, or what’s the point? Using your own graphics software allows you to complete a task and then immediately make an image to go with it… upload and you’re done. There’s no need to guess way in advance what you might need or want and the software is always there, ready and waiting to be used. Further, having graphic design at your fingertips lets you take advantage of promotion opportunities as they arise! And (I’ll just mention this one more time) you don’t have to wait to have it done for you.


4. Get a grip on your branding design and identity.

Having a recognizable brand identity, and increasing sales as a result, involves graphics, graphics and more graphics! Having a great logo doesn’t complete your branding design… it’s just the beginning. In order to design your brand, you’ll need “look-alike” graphics for your website, blog, social media, and email. You’ll need page headers, business cards, signatures, badges, YouTube banners, Pinterest Pins, and specially-sized graphics for every other social media account as well as your blog. Using graphics with the same look and feel in every nook and cranny of your online business will complete your brand design, making it stand out and immediately recognizable. One logo just won’t do.

DIY: Create social media images


5. Take advantage of powerful design tools.

Desktop software offers you so much more design power than making “one graphic at a time” online. Besides the fact that these online graphic-makers lure you in by saying “free” but never are (you’re going to have to pay to export your creation or pay for the quality images), they are also limited in their design functions. Graphics software allows you multiple options when it comes to text outlining, choosing fonts and colors, drop shadowing, design rotations and modification of images and graphics.

If you are willing to put in the cash and hundreds of hours figuring out Photoshop, it’s a great option.

If you have limited cash and don’t want to spend ridiculous amounts of time learning a tough program, then Laughingbird Software’s The Creator is a super option. Pre-made templates make it easy and therefore only leave a small learning curve. Additionally, there are many outlets for getting design help and ideas, including video tutorials.

So, there you have it…

The Top 5 Reasons to Learn Graphic Design Software. Once you have a branding design kit in your tool box, you’ll be reaching for it frequently and won’t even remember why you didn’t have easy graphics software at your fingertips long before.

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