The New Logo Creator version 7

Faster, Slicker ... and more features!

The new "Creator" version 7 is here!


*** Ooops. I accidently sent out an older eMail staying that "a New version of the Logo Creator will be out next Wednesday"   -- Sorry about that. 

The new version is ready! ***


Go ahead! Download it!  -- no dialog boxes ... no filling out forms - just a straight and easy download.

Come back to this page and leave a comment below! We'd love to hear what you think of the new software!

We all know that The LOGO Creator is an easy-to-use tool that does far more than just make 'logos'.

For this reason, in version 7 you'll now see it referred to as "The Creator"!

The Creator allows you to make almost any type of graphic or image:  Logos, banners, buttons, splash screens, social media graphics, email signatures, advertisements, business card images, etc.

Everyone who has a logo also needs many other graphics for their websites, blogs, emails and social media.

... so now, with version 7 - why not get them all in one place, right?

Along with the features you can SEE (in the details below), we've also laid the foundation for future template sets. Soon, you'll be making banners, animated logos, eCovers, Social Media Graphics and more!

Some of the new Features and Enhancements:

Now, you can set the canvas as big as 2880 x 2880 (previously 1440 x 1440)

With "In-App" video tutorials, tips and tricks (updated regularly) 

Now it's easier to move things around and import larger graphics 

Take images from your desktop and drop them over LIVE text


SAVE DIALOG BOX... now appears AFTER selecting a template (when you quit or leave the template) 😀

'MY TEMPLATES' FOLDER is now located where all of the other templates are found (inside your 'documents' folder on your computer)

Now opens and Exports .SWF files correctly (Windows version already worked properly)

It's big and beautiful now (not a big issue but it was really bugging me!)

... And! Check out our other new product: The PROMOBOT 365!

Leave a comment below - Let us know what you think!

  • Laurent says:

    Using the software since few years now, find it marvelous, easy to use and precise. Many designs made yet for websites and the imagination is the limit.
    Waiting new V7 with pleasure. Thanks.

  • Clint Butler says:

    I’ve been using this software for quite a while and I love it.

    My only request is that perhaps you can add some more modern looking templates or image packs in the release or as separate releases.

    The cartoon look is cool for affiliate stuff, clients want a things a bit more refined these days.

  • Tom Causley says:


    If you could be so kind as to make up some templates or images for us Amateur Radio dudes… The 700000 of us need some cool images.

    Thank you!


  • James Bizzell says:

    This is good news. I have been using your software for a few years now, not for profit but for fun. I am glad to see the name change because ‘The Logo Creator’ can be used in so many different ways that having ‘Logo’ in the name is almost misleading. Wonderful software and I am sure the new version will be a welcomed improvement on an already outstanding and affordable product. Thanks!

  • Marc,

    It looks like another home run.. I love the new ideas coming with Version 7 and can’t wait to get the download. Also, Promobot looks incredible. I’ve been looking for such a volume and am delighted you are getting a concise set of improvements out to all of us. I know it will make a difference in my work. Thanks a million. As usual you continue to go beyond what is expected. Ron

    • Hi Ron!
      Really appreciate the comments.
      … you’ve been with me a LONG time and I truly appreciate your feedback here.

      I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of the new version 😀

  • Hey Marc,

    This new version looks amazing. The old version did quite a bit, but certainly looks like you have made things much easier and more versatile – just what the doctor ordered!

    Thanks for the upgrade – your efforts in improving your product are very much appreciated.

    Kind regards,

    Barry Friedmann

  • John Degen says:

    FANTASTIC stuff Marc. I really enjoy using v6 along with the mascot package and bloo. I do notice it freeze up on me from time to time, Hopefully the upgrade will fix this. it’d also be nice if the scaling of objects and images had a more customizable ability for length and height. Looking forward to the update 😉

    • Hi John!
      … yes, this new version allows you to “stretch” images (height and width)!

      And as for the freezing, I’d appreciate it if you keep an eye on this.
      The engine has been improved so I’d like to hear if this continues to happen to you. (it’s a computer memory vs a large amount of graphics on the canvas kind of thing 😀 )

  • Marc, one suggestion that I’ve made before, I’d REALLY like to see on this update. VERY simple change!

    Please have the software save in LOWER CASE .png or .jpg. The current saves in upper case and there are sites that I use regularly that REJECT the import of images in upper case. They say that the file is INVALID. Every time I save, I have to remember to go back to the file and change .PNG or .JPG to lower case.

    I love the changes that are coming, especially the increased canvas size. LOVE LogoCreator — my go-to tool for so many things.

  • Bala says:

    Going with time is important and we have also grown with your software when are we cutting cake for 100th year. !!

    We have several of your software and add ons can we see one area showshowing our purchases and downloads it will be helpful feature.

  • alireza says:

    hi marc are you good?when is ver 7 coming?your software is abest in the world.i am from iran .i love your software….have a nice day bayyyyyy

  • Ed Aslinger says:

    Thank you Marc, for The Creator. I’ve user The Logo Creator with Business Card (great for memes for FaceBook) and many other add-ons. I’m excited to get the new tools for a very good price – Free. Thank you so much! Ed

  • Rose Szabo-Bencze says:

    Hi Marc,

    May I add my admiration to the dedication of your team to produce the BEST and FRIENDLIEST graphic tool out there. Exciting times ahead, can’t wait for the launch…Please keep me informed.


  • Douglas Hill says:

    Looks like another superb upgrade.
    I hope that the new templates save location makes it easier to organize template locations and groupings. That has been the biggest issue for me.
    That aside, TLC has been my go-to graphics app. I’m really glad I have it.

  • Cynthia Fox says:

    Excited for the free update. Laughingbird Software rocks! Do keep me updated

  • Nancy says:

    That’s great Marc, thank you for the upgrade. I’ve been using the logo creator for a few years now and love it. Once suggestion would it possible to have the new version be able to open and edit Photoshop files? That would be very helpful. Also it would be helpful to be able to save a project directly as a “my template” directly on the software instead of putting into a folder. Thank you for all your hard work and I’m really looking forward to the new release.

    • Hi Nancy!
      Nice to hear from you

      Yes, I did try to program in a Photoshop feature… but it was just no good. Adobe keeps a tight ship and they just don’t want the competition (and I don’t blame them) 😀
      … but as for your comment about the My Templates… done. This is now incorporated into the new version!

  • Steve K says:

    Hi Marc
    I have been using your software for a few years now, going back to v3. Love it! I do have a question…I might be missing something but why doesn’t the current version have a color picker( or have I just missed it)? I’m a sports guy, running many sports leagues, I’d love to see an improved sports package. Glad to see the save location improved. Waiting for v7!!!

  • Steve K says:

    Thats the one thing I really miss from the older versions. Hope you can make it happen. You guys Rock!

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