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Thanks for purchasing the amazing Character Creator add-on pack.
I know you're going to love it!

Watch this quick video ... it'll get you started.

Make sure you have The Creator installed on your computer. (If you don't, CLICK HERE)
then, download and install the character elements!

Download the Character Creator Add-on Pak




Aren't you excited? These bonus images are BRAND new and have never been seen before.
There are two sets of folders in the download below.

You'll see "characters with signs" ... and "characters without signs"

Have fun with them!
Instructions for using this with The Logo Creator are in the .zip file. You can (of course) use the characters with any other graphics software as well!

Download the Bonus Characters



Logo Making Software

 Download the "Engine" - this is the actual software you'll be using to create the characters.



  • Timothy Baiye says:

    hi, i think you need to check the download link for Bonus Characters and the Character Creator Add-on Pak. The Character Creator Add-on Pak comes up with an error if i am extracting the files and the Bonus Characters comes up with a Access Denied error code.

    Please can you resolved these so i can successful download them.

    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Whoops! Hi Tim.

      … I’ve fixed the link.
      Sorry about that.

      The unzipping should work fine – make sure to wait for the entire file to download before you try to extract it 🙂


    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      Marc, the owner, has fixed a minor issue with the Character Creator pak. An “Access denied” message is typically attributed to your anti virus software.

  • Arshad Farooqui says:

    Great software, save time than Photoshop or other comp[licated softwares. I highly recommend to buy and try. If not happy get your money back. I can assure you that you will not regret to to buy full package (Logo Designer, Business Card, Facebook timeline and this package) for $67.00 less $10 as a coupen. Hurry up.

  • Robin says:


    I received the download, but it doesn’t unzip like the rest did. It just opens and shows the files.


    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      Just drag the folder containing the bonus characters into your logo elements folder. I have to assume you are speaking about the older “Bonus Signers” set, if not please let me know!

  • Kay says:

    Not sure why, but the Char with signs and without signs do not work… yes I did put them in the folders… when I open LB LC I see them listed but when I click on them, they do nothing. Very frustrating…

  • Liz Wright says:

    Hi when I’m in Creator and click on the character creator folders, nothing happens?

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