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Just wanted you to know that when I started out marketing online several years ago, It was your products that got me started as my initial sales only began rolling in after I used your Logo Creator, Flash Ad Creator and Webgraphics creator to create great images and product images to which I truly credit my first sales online. Even though I now use Photoshop as well, I always come back to your software for inspirationand ease of use.

So “thank you” for everything!

Arnold Stolting.

Support Team – Stolting Media Group

Thank you very much for the updates on the Laughingbird Software advancements and changes. Laughingbird Software has certainly made it easy for me to create CD covers for my created music selections and for other artists, that have commissioned me to do work for them. (I have a CD called “Hyperspace” and my alias is Namoo; you can check out the cover at I’ll be adding more music to it as soon.

And so, I want to thank you again for creating these wonderful tools which make assignments easier for me, and for those who want comprehensive and easy to use tools for their projects. I love the variety of fonts, brilliant colors, versatile content and other bells and whistles that make projects challenging and yet enjoyable to engage in. Awesome Marc (Laughingbird)!!!

I’ve visited your site recently, and have noticed your many changes and the ones to come. I’ll be stopping in again soon! May you have continued success in what you do.

Norman : }

Marc, I love your web design tools.
….Some time ago I purchased the Web Graphics Creator. I purchased it use for my own personal use. So I practiced with the program and soon it all became very easy for me. A friend started a new business, COYA, so I mocked up a new logo for him.

Please put me on your list of very, very satisfied customers and I am very happy with the Quality products/software that you are producing.

Thank you very much.

Rod Wiebe

(logo created with The Logo Creator)

Hey Marc!

First of all let me say I LOVE YOUR GRAPHIC DESIGN SOFTWARE. I am a novice at best and a pastor of a small church on a non existent spending allowance. I use your product to create the screen shots for our announcements using them in our “Windows Movie Maker” program. All I can say is it creates over the top “Still photos” that make our presentation of events powerful and effective! Simply stated your product has created our Business cards, our logo’s for our Children’s group our ministry and our outreach group. It has created fliers, and announcements and signs. I would be lost with out you… Oh and I need to mention that I am only using “The Logo creator V5″.

Thanks Rhoda

I purchased The Logo Creator about five years ago and found it to be a great product. I have used it to create Logo’s as well as header graphics, banners and much much more. It is extremely easy to use and the results are very professional. I like it so much that I purchased The Flash Ad Creator, what a truly fantastic way to create eye catching flash adds. I highly recommend Laughingbird software. Marc and the crew offer great support and go out of their way to solve any issues.

Mike Ellis


We have been using the Web Graphics Creator for almost 2 years now with great success. Whether building web banners, logos and graphic for our websites, the ability to use preplanned designs as well as design from scratch has been amazing. I’m about ready to spring for your business card software next! Saving to jpeg or other formats has been easy to do. The software has truly taken days off of our build out time for new projects!

Justin James
Comedy Hypnotist & CEO
The Hypnosis Company

Logo Created with The Web Graphics Creator

Hello all, I am a newbie to this great graphics software and I was playing around with some logos today. Basically I tried almost everyone looking for the right style. They didn’t come out too great because I am still learning. I was playing with the font SF Sports Night which looks a lot like ESPN maybe too much like them. My site is all about sports and sports games, we mix both together. I was looking for something unique and stylish. Any help is appreciated.

Shawna W

I would love to see some NEW images / elements I use my logo creator all the time , I use them in my photos
which I take a lot of … there are so many images that would be great ,people , houses, animals, trees, roads, cars .
With that said, I’m loving my Logo Creator web 2.0 edition! I even use this over my other site design software.


I use this software in my projects for several years and I’m more than satisfied.
If you like to create beautiful logos fast and easy – The Logo Creator is your right choice. Great great web graphics software.

Dan M

I love the logo creator and it has helped me find my passion in life in creating logos and monograms for weddings and other wedding-related products. However, I was wondering where I can find elegant wedding graphics? Also a suggestion for new Laughingbird software would be to have a wedding logo pack or Monogram pack for TLC. Is that anywhere in the works? Any help would be much appreciative. Thanks and keep up the good work in TLC. You really do provide easy to use graphics software.

- Lauren V

I’m here in the Dallas, TX metroplex trying to keep my sanity. I joined your forum because I’m sort of a computer buff from a long time ago, when the telephone receiver had to be placed in the back of the little computer to simulate full-duplex (two-way communication without saying “over” like o a MARS telephone from when I was in Korea) from Fort Hood, TX to the Pentagon for soldier assignments. I’m not teaching in Dallas this school year and I need to work. Your software for design is easier to use than Photoshop!
I love this software so much that I happened on this affiliate program with Laughingbird Software …it was a no brainer for me. You can do so much with these products, I wanted to tell others about it. There’s much more about me, but another time as I have lived overseas for 13 years

I’ve been a long time user of LaughingBird’s web design tools and I’ve used it all the time until just recently my pc went out of commission and I bought a new one. Tried to get the download for the software but over and over the link don’t work so I got couldn’t wait any longer and I just bought the Web 2.0 software and now simply waiting on the download link.

Well hope to meet all of you and create some amazing logos and banners. I wish I could get the Mega pack but low on funds for now.

Anyways I go roam the dome and see what people are saying about LB.


Hi Folks,

I’m an ecstatic new customer who has been reviewing banner and ecover software for some time, in search of THE best on the market. I think I have arrived!!! Your web design tools are the best.

Hello Marc!

I turned the images I created with The Logo Creator design software into T-shirts and mugs to sell on my site. Check it out and provide any comments back my way! :-)Over the next year I plan on making many many more.

This is such a fun little hobby!

The LaughingBird Software has saved us hours of editing as there are so many great choices to choose from using either the specific sports package or the entire library of software. We’ve used Laughingbird’s Website design software for several years and the creator Marc is a joy to work with and we always look forward to opening his emails cause they are full of surprises and of course great deals. You just can’t go wrong with his product!

Scott “Snerdey” Lawrence



    This version 6 of Logocreator is beyond imagination, its beyond wow, its just so good, im so very impressed. I dont know what to say, im speachless…



    Hey Marc, Have thoroughly enjoyed Business Card creator, and Logo Maker for years. You have authored seriously powerful and easy tools to generate professional results! Thanks. Now I am anxious to try out the upgrade but for some reason I can’t open any logos created with version 5… What’s up with that? :) I hope it’s just me! Also, not trying to nitpick, but since you guys do such a professional job on everything else – thought you’d want to know that you have a typo in the “People Pak” add-on video. “sillouette” should be spelled “silhouette” Anyway, thanks for a great product!

    James Srodulski




    I love the Logo Creator 6 so much! H ave alll the expansion packs now too!!!! I cannot tell you how much time this saves me. I have photoshop and CS4 and I use this FAR more than the Adobe stuff, because this SIMPLY WORKS!


    Marc, Laughingbird software is simply the best! I have Photoshop as well, however, this software is so much easier to use. Thanks for all of your hard work in developing this product. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    Leslie Sansone Williams

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