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  • Amylea says:

    Hi there Marc! I am having issues with my Logo Creator software. I have not used it a month or few. When I open it now, there are no templates – either th originas or tht I have created and saved. I tried redownloading but when I go to login, I am advised that there is no user associated with my e-mail address. I am inputing the same e-mail address at which I have recieved communication from you.

    Thank you in advance!

  • admin says:

    Hi there Rabia.
    Nice to hear from you.

    Your links expired last year. Correct. (I hope you understand this is necessary! I can’t leave links open forever… otherwise, a nice copy and paste will get around the web)
    I’ve re-activated the links to you. Also, I see you wrote me (via eMail) only 2 hours ago as of this posting. Gimme some time! 😛

    You should be okay now


  • Carol Smith says:

    Bought “Facebook Timeline Cover and Banner Creator” Feb. 20, 2015. I do not have the password to access the download portal. Probably my fault but could you have “Pity on an old woman” and send me another one.

    If you need other information please let me know. Sorry for the trouble.

  • Graham Commander says:

    I bought Logo creator of you so long ago I can’t remember when
    Absolutely loved it, I even bought at least one add on feature

    However due to recent virus problems, I need my computer disk wiped clean, so I lost the logo creator software

    Tried Zendesk, but because it so long ago since I bought Logo creator I’m unable to download it

    I wonder if you can help me out, so I can re-install my much missed version of logo creator

    Thanks in advance

    Graham Commander

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