The LOGO CREATOR software Download for PC and Mac... Create your own logo without having to hire a designer

For small businesses who want to stand out, grow quickly, and sell more.

The Logo Creator software bundle is for Windows and Mac. 

Create stunning LOGO DESIGNS, business cards, & graphics with easy-to-use, ready-made templates. 

Finally get noticed with downloadable logo maker tool, business card creator, and bonus graphic design templates and characters.

All this for just $37!

Watch the short video below to see how fast you can create a logo or other graphic:

Get 170 ready-made logo design templates:

The Logo Creator includes pre-designed templates to help you make all of the graphic designs for your website, blog, and social media. Get the attention you've worked so hard for by showing off your company and products with beautiful logo and high-quality graphics. 

You don't need ANY Photoshop or graphic designing experience!

And, it's EASY to change all of the logo and business card design elements & save your templates for future revisions.

How Do I make a Creative Logo?

To create the best logo design for your business, simply choose a cool font, write in the text, select a color consistent with your company's brand colors, add an interesting graphic, and, if you choose to, add a background image...

 (you can even import your own images).

EVERY logo or business card template can be designed and personalized to make a logo just right for your small business.

an example of one of the templates we used for a Facebook ad

The Logo Creator software bundle also includes
The Business Card Creator... show off your biz on-the-go! 

Yes! We created our own Laughingbird logo design with this template set and used it on Laughingbird Software's business cards.

Example of how to use a logo on your business card as a part of your branding graphics

BONUS: The Logo Creator software bundle ALSO contains THE CHARACTER CREATOR... for FREE!

Create your own mascot character in minutes. You can even use a character in your logo design. Hiring somebody to do this for you can cost $100 or way more.

Just import an image into one of the templates!

Laughingbird Software's Logo Creator Software download will help design your business logo and business card, as well as other graphic designs that'll help you get noticed.

Create your own logo design using the built-in design elements (or import your own) or choose and modify a ready-made logo design template.

 AND you can create all of the graphics you need to stand out... WITHOUT Photoshop or spending a ton of time & money!

Just download the Pc or Mac software version and install the ready-made templates.

Download free design software with easy to use templates. Then, check out the scenery creation templates that help you create background designs with layered images.
  • 1
    170 logo templates: It's easy to begin a project by simply choosing one of the templates and modifying them.
  • 2
    Hundreds of graphical elements to use: Or, with the click of your mouse, you can import your new images... Super easy!
  • 3
    Create your own business cards and character mascots too!

 All this for just $37

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