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You know you have a valuable offer & everyone'll love it... if they'd just take the time to try it, right?

Make them click on your offer... Dress up your product or service with a professional graphic that'll stand out!

Just $37

The eCover and Mockup Creator is a cover creation SUPER software with all new templates and 3D cover graphics...

AND new technology that lets you create your OWN 3D covers in any size!

Create a gorgeous 3D eBook cover with ease. Choose from one of our professional, pre-designed templates.

Make your cover using the simple, drag & drop design. Then, transform it into a 3D mockup ready for marketing... in less than 5 minutes.

It's easy to change the design elements in each cover. Watch below:

Just $37
(one time only!)

Professional high quality HD graphics!
Change the text, modify the graphics (or add your own) … change the background images!

EVERYthing can be modified and customized.

Once you finalize your 3d design, “Map it” to one of the 85 3D images!

And finally, add text and other elements to make your image look amazing!

Use The eBook Cover Creator to make images like these:

eCover Example

And now with this NEW technology, you can create your OWN cover image!

You know you need attention-grabbing graphics for your website. However, QUALITY images can get EXPENSIVE... and who wants to wait days for a designer to get back to you with a rough draft?!

 So, we made it easy & inexpensive for absolutely anyone to design their own graphics.

Create an image like this in just minutes:

Create amazing Photorealistic eBook and eBox covers without Photoshop.

The, eCover & Mockup Creator is your all-in-one solution to creating all kinds of product covers, in minutes - No expensive designer and no spending months learning design.

  • 1
    160 high quality templates: It's easy to begin a project by simply choosing one of the templates and modifying them.
  • 2
    Instant 3D images: With the click of your mouse, you can import your new designs into one o 50 3d images! Super professional and Super easy!
  • 3
    TONS of graphical elements included! Background graphics, logo elements, drop shadows and more!

Laughingbird Software used this image to show off the eCover & Mockup Creator software. 

Just $37

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What is the eCover Creator? Need virtual book covers or product box shots? Easily design eCovers & mockups using professionally designed templates.

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