Pinterest Marketing is a Waste of Time

...if you don't have professional quality, 3D cover design that draws your audience to your product and gets them to click. 

The reality is, a stand-out virtual book or box cover increases interest in your product and gets people to look.

With awesome cover design your audience sees amazing value in your offer and willingly gives you their hard-earned money (because they know they're getting something great!).

Cover Designer & Mockup Creator

Get more sales from your Pinterest marketing with high-quality, customizable eBook Cover and Mockup design templates!

Create ebook covers, 3D software boxes, flyers, & service announcements, as well as covers for courses, workbooks, webinars, videos, and podcasts... in just minutes.

Don't spend upwards of $400 for just one basic cover design when you can make one every day with easy-to-use templates.

Stand-out for just $37
(one-time charge that let's you create designs forever!)

What could be more frustrating than trying to get traffic to your site, right?!

Make Your Pinterest Marketing More Profitable with Stunning Cover Design!

How about this? You work hard for weeks or months to get an audience, posting on social media, writing blog articles, sharing pins on Pinterest... 

And when you finally start getting visitors, they leave within seconds, without even clicking on your offer! You feel frustrated, helpless, and maybe even like giving up. All of your hard work, time, and money was pointless.

Well, pull yourself together because you've made it this far and you CAN get people to click on your offer.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to make your audience see the value in your product:


  • 3D cover design is easy and fast, even if you don't know a thing about design.  Choose from one of our professionally-designed templates (or get creative and start from scratch!). 

  • A few mouse clicks later, your design is transformed into an ebook cover, box shot, or 3D mockup, ready to present to your audience.

Look at how you can quickly change any of the elements in each cover or mockup template:

After creating your cover design, use one of the mockups above to beautifully present your product (watch the video).

Start creating amazing cover designs and mockups now:

  Only $37!

With the eCover and Mockup Creator, you choose from hundreds of professional, high-quality HD designs that are unique and beautiful (your covers won't look like all the rest).

Easy-to-learn and use... Just change the text, modify the graphics (or add your own), and change the background images, as you please.

EVERYthing can be modified and customized to fit your own Pinterest promotion for your product.

Once you finalize your 3d design, “Map it” to one of the 85, 3D images (there's a video below showing how easy it is).

Then add text and other elements to personalize your image.

Here are just a few cover design + mockup examples:

Watch how we use special technology to create a cover image!

You don't need to be a designer and you don't need to know Photoshop or any other tricky design software.

Here's what you get with the eCover and Mockup Creator:

  • 1
    160 high quality templates: It's easy to begin a project by simply choosing one of the templates and modifying them.
  • 2
    Instant 3D images: With the click of your mouse, you can import your new designs into one of 50, 3D images. Super professional and super easy!
  • 3
    TONS of graphical elements included: Background graphics, logo elements, drop shadows, outline features and more!

^ Make this image above with the software!

Just $37

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Start Creating today! $37

Cover design templates and video tutorial will show you how to sell more products by using stunning box and book covers

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