the mannequin


Start creating amazing graphics with this unique collection of characters

Let these really colorful and unique mannequin-like cartoon characters sell your stuff!

You won't find these characters anywhere else on the planet. They've got no facial expressions, yet they have tons of emotion!

Spice up your website, blogs, YouTube thumbnails, banners ... and anything else you want to promote in a totally unique way!

Watch the video below:

Just $37

60 colorful toon characters • 50 wall & floor background graphics • 50 blank sign images! 
Mix and match them to create hundreds of stylish promotional graphics!
Find templates to modify and use them on Facebook,  Youtube, Pinterest... Twitter, and of course your website and blogs

It's easy to change all of the elements in each template!

Customize the text, add graphics … change the background image.  EVERYthing can be modified and personalized.

An example of one of the templates we used for a Facebook ad

You can use the same template over and over again and change it just a little to create an entirely new graphic

Use the templates to make images like these:

...then change the size of the canvas to make other graphics like this:

We all know you need eye-catching, attention grabbing graphics for your website but QUALITY images CAN GET EXPENSIVE. 

But with these amazing Social graphics and templates… it’s NOT expensive AND – It's fun!

Import your own images too!

The Mannequin Collection is your all-in-one solution to creating all kinds of Facebook covers, Instagram graphics eCover images,YouTube thumbnails and more...  Without Photoshop!

  • 1
    60 PROFESSIONALLY DRAWN CHARACTERS: You won't find these awesome creations anywhere else on the planet. These characters were created by Dave Sylvester from Mascots2Go - they're unique and oh-so cool!
  • 2
    Hundreds of graphical elements to use:  Interchange these amazing "Wall and Floor" background graphics!
  • 3
    Over 50 'blank sign' images! Write anything on them! Use the graphics you create on your website or blog too.

 All this for just $37

See what our customers have to say:

"Super easy to use..."

I'm using the Social Media set to Make Some Awesome Lead Generating Reports...

I can make hundreds of images in no time with this software. I love it.


Marketing Professional

"I love Laughingbird Software..."

I have just downloaded new version and all looks fab! Can't wait to start using it! 




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