Animated Powerpoint and Keynote Templates

  • Hi, I’m trying to download the new Powerpoint and Keynote Creator software but am caught in a loop and cannot place the order. What am I doing wrong. I push the button to download the software and get returned to the same page over and over again.

  • I just did a quick check on eBay and you can get copies of Microsoft office for under $30. Pretty cheap and solves the issue to use these templates if you don’t have PowerPoint. A thought.

  • Im sorry Marc . I use openoffice and will not buy powerpoint . This is my fault for not reading . I see all the products and just buy them because I know their that good . Can I have a credit or a refund .

  • I have just purchased and downloaded both PP and LBS animated video maker.
    How do I get started please? This for dummies would be great.
    Have used PP previously, albeit a long time ago. Once I’m going Ill be fine, just need the starting point please.

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