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Social Media Design: 6 Easy Hacks that Grab Attention


Now that everyone is using social media as a marketing tool, it’s become more important than ever to grab your audiences’ attention with exceptional social media design.

But what if you aren’t sure how to create amazing graphics? And it just seems too hard. Yet you just know the incredible value in doing it yourself.
Don’t worry! Many have been trapped in total newbie designer darkness. Thankfully, however, you can find your way out, way more easily than you think.

First, consider which social media platforms you need graphics for:  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram? Numerous others?


Keep these in mind while you discover the six social media design hacks that’ll make it easy to create any graphic you need.



1. Use a profile image and cover image that are complementary

Many companies decide to use an image for their profile pictures (instead of a photo) as part of their branding. Apply this to your overall social media design by using an object or design that is the same color, font or look and feel as your cover image.

We’ve done this on our own Laughingbird Software Facebook page.



2. Use consistent colors and elements throughout your social media design

Follow the basic rules: Use only 2-3 colors and 1-2 fonts. Also, use images recognizable to your brand, including your logo and other graphics that are uniquely yours. As you know, having a business on the internet means that your brand must stand out in every part of the world!

Consistant color schemeThis image was created using the Flat Graphics template collection

Consistant color schemeConsistant color scheme

3. Pair contrasting fonts

Yes, I know choosing fonts can be a bit overwhelming at first! If you’re not sure which fonts to pair up, here’s a couple of options:

  • Check out what others have done… if it looks nice to you, then use the same fonts.
  • Have fun playing around a bit. Try pairing contrasting fonts but stay simple. Pair a standard font with a more unique one. Consider making one font larger and/or a different color to make it pop!
  • Finally, the easiest way is to use professional pre-designed templates with the fonts already chosen for you.


Contrasting fontsThis image was created using the Social Media template collection


4. Match your text color with one of your image or background colors

Colors in your design should tie your brand together and create a look and feel that draw out the emotions consistent with your brand’s purpose.

As an example, try setting your text in the same color as one of the background or image colors.

Using the color picker tool found in Laughingbird’s graphic design software makes this easy. This will provide the hex code (6-digit color code) that’ll make sure you’re using the same exact color.

text color to match background

text color to match background

Using Laughingbird Software with a consistant background

5. Use transparent images or backgrounds… an easy way to look professional

Apply transparency to your social media graphic through a background image or an object within the design.

Additionally, experiment with different levels of transparency. The more subtle you want it, the greater the opacity should be. In The Creator software, use the “Opacity” slider to adjust your transparency.

Using the opacity settings in Laughingbird Software

6. And finally, use your logo everywhere!

First, create a personalized, branded logo, if you haven’t already. Make it unique and use similar colors and fonts as in your overall brand design.  Then use your logo everywhere:  On every social media design, in every account, and on your social profiles.


Does designing your own social media graphics still sound tricky? Really, it doesn’t have to be!

Get help applying these design hacks and learn simple design skills at the same time. Laughingbird Software’s blog for Creatorpreneurs, video tutorials and The Creator graphic design templates will make social media design easy.

So, start now by getting your FREE version of Laughingbird’s The Creator software.


Social Media Design: 6 Design Hacks to help your social content stand out. Read to see our visual content examplesSocial Media Design: 6 Design Hacks to help your social content stand out

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