Important Search Engine Optimization Techniques for 2016

What Are the Most Important Search Engine Optimization Techniques for 2016?

Here at Laughingbird Software, Marc and I are continuously working on being Search Engine Optimization winners. 
…And hey, it’s tough.

The game is constantly changing and keeping up with it can bring on moments of chair kicking dread. Knowing that most of Laughingbird’s customers are struggling with this as well, I decided to research what the most important considerations are for the current SEO landscape and what steps we might take now to keep up with where SEO is heading as we move into 2016.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

So, I suppose we should start with what SEO is:

Basically, it’s how we all hope to get traffic to our sites. There’s nothing better than being #1 on Google for a specific key word. There’s simply no better way to get traffic. Those customers are LOOKING for you.

SEO is OPTIMIZING your web pages so that Google likes you and puts you into the top 10. On the first page of a search.

For those of you who have already been working hard to figure it out, you know that even when you think you’ve got your best SEO game on, the ever-changing nature of Search Engine Marketing begs to differ.

So here we go with the Important Search Engine Optimization Techniques for the rapidly approaching 2016:

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Make a mobile-responsive website


We’ve all thought about the changes we need to make as more people go mobile. Even if you’ve made the change to a mobile-friendly website, there are additional adjustments that you simply must do.

There’s no way I’m sticking around a slow, difficult-to-use website, especially when I’m on the go with cell phone in hand…frankly, I don’t know anyone else who would waste their time.

So start a mobile-friendly site upgrade by including a mobile sitemap, by making sure your videos and images are fully optimized, and by making sure you’ve reviewed your site for responsiveness (when you click on a link, does it take you where you want to go immediately, or do you watch the “ball” spin)!


Become Familiar with Voice search

Speaking of mobile, time to start focusing on making your apps search-friendly by adapting to voice search. This can be done by thinking about how someone will ask a question on their mobile device. I’m betting it’ll be more conversational, which means people will be asking the Who, What, Where, Why, and How questions. Plan your search keywords carefully using these. For example, instead of using the keywords “flower shop”, try “Where is the nearest flower shop?” Along with these changes, consider taking the time to strengthen your effort in local search results.


Social Media is VERY Important to SEO now (and into 2016)

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization


Think about how important it is to have access to your customers thought and needs in real time.

Have you ever had a customer who emails and says “I asked you for help over an hour ago! Why haven’t you responded?”

Upon first thought, I think this person needs a little patience. However, as soon as I reflect on my own expectations, I’m in total agreement. I don’t like to wait for help either, especially when I’m in the middle of a project. That’s where social media comes in. Consumers are accustomed to getting information whenever they need it.

By connecting with social media, you and your business can get real-time feedback (as well as easily provide it), which ultimately allows you to constantly modify your SEO methods as you go along. How about taking some time to beef up your social media accounts today?


How Important is Video in Marketing?

Very, very, very important! Consider the use of Video in making sales. The talked about trend is this: Customers are way more apt to make a purchase after watching a video than just reading text…up to 85% more likely! Not to mention that more and more people are finding the products and services they need through Youtube. Think about it. If I see a video showing me exactly how a problem I have can be solved with a specific tool, and maybe even how to use that tool, how much easier can it be? I get that time is money and who has time to focus on another project? But seriously, clearly video SEO should not be neglected.


Content is ALWAYS Important in SEO

Yes, content is still of incredible importance. Yes, keeping up with meaningful content is tough.

And YES, you can do it!

We’ve all heard that Google is focusing more and more on content and trying desperately to avoid keyword spamming. Now, Google is striving for content to be relevant and directly related to a few important keywords rather than many.

So, it’s time to get your relevant content out there. How about using the tried and true methods of social media and email marketing? Send out some fresh content through Facebook and Twitter or through concise emails related to your business and your customers’ needs. Use these means to bring customers back to your site, which will tin turn improve your search engine rankings (Google likes popular sites).

Don’t have a lot of time for creating new content?

I get it.

Try updating and improving content that worked well in the past.


Now, get a little SEO education:
This article only touches on some important tips you should keep in mind for 2016. Maybe you want MORE SEO help.

We’ve got a great partnership with a video site called Udemy. They’ve got a slew of teachers that’ll help you with almost any subject under the sun.

I’m excited to partner with Udemy, not only because they’re a top vendor of video education, but because they offered Laughingbird customers a special promotion which includes three different courses for only $15 each (combined, all 3 courses are worth $645!). For only 3 days (through October 30th, 2015).
…and another helpful offering.

  • Have fun with it all!


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