Sample Logos from The Logo Creator Software

With The Logo Creator Design Software, you can personalize each and every logo, in your own time, at your own pace — … with UNLIMITED revisions 

(you don’t have to wait for a logo designer to get back to you!)

Here, below, are a few logo examples you’ll be able to create with the software … Thousands of possibilities!


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Motivational sample logos Spiritual LogosChurch motivational sample logosEntertainment logosNice Entertainment logo



Logo Design Software for Mac and Windows!



logo software design bullet No need to learn a complex package like Photoshop (although, you can use The Logo Creator WITH Photoshop to produce some really nice designs!


logo software design bullet Each set contains a portfolio of logo designs that you can easily modify.


logo software design bullet You can even sell the logos you create! Start a brand new logo design studio and sell your designs to your own customers!All of the logo samples you see on this page were exported directly from the Logo Creator!



Let us know what you think!

  • Ron Bissell says:

    Marc, First I’m sorry if this is a repeat. My Mac kept jumping when I pushed the Submit Button. In short, I seem to be missing most of the templates and other components spoken about in the ad materials. No complaints here but just a question. I have a little less than 100 logos in the template chooser with no drop down to choose others from. Any ideas? The installer may have burped when it came to adding the extras. I’m loving the program for sure. Ron

  • Ron Bissell says:


    I reloaded the program and all is well. I also downloaded “The People Pak” and once again you gave a Pak that has tons of goodies in it. It really compliments the software but also gives many options with Silhouettes that were missing from the previous version. Thanks Marc, you continue to advance the variety and the contents of “Logo Creator”. Kudos to all who worked on this incredible program.


  • Don says:

    Just upgraded to v6. Howdo I use my previous bought themes… I have them all… I tried but was not able to use my paid for themes.

  • Marvin Carter says:

    Marc, most of my logo design work is for entertainment and for my company “ever changing logo’s” now that I have your software !! I use a PC in the office and have a MAC at home. Do I need to purchase all the software, photo objects etc. to use at home on my MAC or can I down load both MAC and PC?

    The programs are awesome, now I want to see it on my MAC large screen !! Thanks, Marvin

  • Claudia Poki says:

    I really like this program, and I use it every day, for all my job do´s
    But some times, I don´t rally get it, how to convert some images, or
    how to manage some efects.
    Or If you have actualization´s how to get them (new images, new texts, etc…) a.s.a.p
    I will apreciate if you help me , or keep in touch.

  • Kevin Hercules says:


  • says:

    I have another logo program that I bought about four years ago and I have made so many awesome logos with it. It is really cool to have other great options with such flexibility at such a reasonable price…..thanks a lot Marc.

  • Seofoxx says:


    WOW, i just bought the software and i`m really impressed. It`s so easy to create a logo and there are so many options.
    Thank you very much.

    One question – Is it true that you can sell the logos your create?

  • david sahel says:

    Looks good-I bought this and will use for my many adsense sites

  • Sean says:

    What format are the completed logo’s in

    • admin says:

      Hi Sean!
      … they can be exported as JPG or PNG images.

      PNG will give you the best results – and the final output will contain a clear background.

  • Lee says:

    I’m new to all of this so please bear with me … If a specific design image is not shown can one be imported from another site onto this program? I’ve got a MAC OS X version 10.5.8 Thanks.

  • Abner says:

    How many computers does the licence cover?

  • James says:

    I love the new format, it might just be me but everything seem richer in color. Only thing I dislike (unless I’m missunderstanding something then nvm the negative coment) is I am unalbe to bring in my old 5.5 templates I have made so I can upgrade them with some newer graphics. Now other than that this is the best Logo Creator to date keep up the good work and best of all its K.I.S.S. and thats perfect for computer dummys like me.

  • Polao Mohoto says:

    Great work!

  • Michael says:

    You guys are doing a nice job…
    Thumbs up.

  • Juan says:

    I have create my first logo save it and ad it to my facebook page but the lettering show distorted, most likely, I am doing something wrong.
    and I can make it bigger without it become distorted.
    Have a look
    Best regards Juan Cruz

  • josue says:

    hello I just want to say your program works real me months I do not have money to buy your program I need your aperture setting free thank you.

  • ABDL says:


  • Fort says:

    Looks awesome! Got it on my iPad.
    Still new to the software, but hope to discover more!

  • Susanne says:

    Great (-:

  • Andrew Hamilton says:

    Hi Marc,

    I’ve been using your software for several years and have really enjoyed it. I am a little bit frustrated with the fact that now that I have changed platforms (now on Mac) that there is no way of getting the MegaPak stuff I used to use in V5 into this new platform. I agree that you have some great new add-on PAKs which I may even purchase (I have already purchased the FB add-on), but I would love to use the old ones too. Any help would be appreciated.

    • admin says:

      Hi Andrew.
      No problem.

      I think I had already answered your question via eMail.

      I was unable to bring over all 100% of the version 5.0 logos.
      BUT, I’m creating more all the time – and these logos are much better (in my opinion)

      I’m really sorry about the change over Andrew.
      The two engines (version 5.0 and version 6.0) are totally different animals and some logos just didn’t come through. Adobe discontinued the engine I was using to create The Logo Creator v5 – so with v6, we used a new code environment.


  • Marvin Carter says:


    I have pretty much purchased everything you have shot my way and I don’t have probably 50% of the ones advertised above? I have enjoyed the programs but how about making these other templates available to us?

    Thanks, Marvin

    • admin says:

      Hi Marvin.

      Ah – yes, those logos are coming! I’ve got a new package due out shortly. “The Alphabet Pack”
      (an updated version of a logo set I used to have for The Logo Creator v5)

      It’s pretty slick if I do say so myself 🙂
      It’s almost ready.


  • Ferdinand Delgado says:


  • Bones says:

    Does version 6 work on XP as well or just 7, 8 and vista?

  • thomas says:

    i just like logo creator cuz its make look so crazy whenever i open it

  • thomas says:

    i like creating my own logo, my self alone.

  • thomas says:

    this is my own life style that is creating logos cuz i am an artist with creativity

  • Michelle Oxley says:

    Hi Mark,

    Any chance you could set up a template relevant for a company doing metal fabrication. Something around steel, metal, smoke, welding. Blues, black, silvers? Im having a play around today with the existing ones x
    Thanks love

  • Odinkaru Charles says:

    This is an interesting software. Keep it up. Thanks.

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