Sample Logos from The Logo Creator Software

With The Logo Creator Design Software, you can personalize each and every logo, in your own time, at your own pace — … with UNLIMITED revisions 

(you don’t have to wait for a logo designer to get back to you!)

Here, below, are a few logo examples you’ll be able to create with the software … Thousands of possibilities!


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Motivational sample logos Spiritual LogosChurch motivational sample logosEntertainment logosNice Entertainment logo



Logo Design Software for Mac and Windows!



logo software design bullet No need to learn a complex package like Photoshop (although, you can use The Logo Creator WITH Photoshop to produce some really nice designs!


logo software design bullet Each set contains a portfolio of logo designs that you can easily modify.


logo software design bullet You can even sell the logos you create! Start a brand new logo design studio and sell your designs to your own customers!All of the logo samples you see on this page were exported directly from the Logo Creator!