Product Poppers are a brand new set of ANIMATED templates that will
Make Your Products or Services ... POP!

200 3D female characters and 200 male characters!

(click the images to see them larger)

Use them to create images like these:

We all know you need eye-catching, attention grabbing graphics for your website but QUALITY images

But with these amazing 3D characters... it's NOT expensive!
AND - you can create images like this in just minutes:

People love this package
Because It is So Simple to Use...

100 female characters...

I'm sure you realize how hard it is to find these little bubble characters on the stock photo sites. (okay... not hard - but EXPENSIVE!) - with this add on set, you'll get them all for a very low cost.

100 male characters...

Each and every character has a transparent background so you'll be able to put them over any website background - use them seamlessly with The Logo Creator or create Power point or Keynote presentations with these 3D characters!

it's a win win situation...

You get quality images to put up onto your sales pages, eBook, Youtube channel or Blog! Your customers get eye candy ... and THAT will make them love you and look closer at what you have to offer.

100% Money Back Guarantee

if you're not happy with these little guys for any reason, we'll give you your money back. No questions asked (well... I may ask you why you don't like them because they're so awesome ... buy I'll still give you your money back)

YES! I'm Ready To Start Creating My New Crazy Awesome Images With These Characters Today

3D Bubble Characters

Limited Time Offer

Have A Question...?

If you have any questions about these amazing 3D bubble characters - check some of the answers here below. Or, visit the support center:

  • Q.Can I sell these images?

    A.Yes and No  🙂 You can’t sell these characters outright (as stand alone graphics) … BUT! if you create something with them (banners, page headers, logos… etc) you can sell your creations.

  • Q.Do they have transparent backgrounds? What format are they in?

    A.Every image that comes with The Logo Creator is created in the .png file format and ALL of the images inside The Logo Creator have transparent backgrounds

  • Q.After I install these 3D characters, where are they?

    A.The characters (and all graphics) that the Logo Creator uses can be found in the top ‘logo elements’ area. Watch this video to see where the characters will show up:

  • Q.Can I use my own images with these little plastic people?

    A.Of course! Just use the FILE > Import Image menu option! It’s easy!




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