The Happy Holiday Template and Character Set

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Just $27!

37 Hi Rez Color PNG characters!

For your website, blogs, videos and banners!

The Happy Holidays Graphics Pack

Black and White line art!

(great for white board videos)


30 high quality templates!

(use them as "starter images", mix and match the elements and create dozens and dozens... and dozens of new designs!)


BONUS! The Snowman builder!

Dave created 'snowman' pieces that you can drag and drop to create a brand new character!


Watch how easy and fun it is!


Backgrounds and Objects!

(great for Holiday banners, page headers, video overlays... blog images! Create really cool scenes using them with The Logo Creator!)

Just drag and drop them from the Element area onto your design!

We all know you need eye-catching, attention-grabbing graphics for your website. But QUALITY images CAN GET EXPENSIVE!

But not with these awesomely cheerful holiday marketing characters!

Use them with The Logo Creator to create marketing images, banners, page headers, blog images and whatever else you can think of. Or bring them into any other graphics app and create all kinds of graphics!

( click Santa to see him full size )

Use them in your video presentations and slide shows...use them on your website or add them to your sales letters. You can use them in software products like Explaindio and VideoMakerFX. Create page headers, marketing materials and eCover images. Whatever you can think of!

Grab these characters today and start making graphics that'll make your customers and visitors howl with praise!

Just $27!

Limited Time Offer

Have A Question...?

If you have any questions about these amazing characters, check out some of the answers below. Or, visit the support center:

  • Q.Can I sell these images?

    A.Yes and No  🙂 You can’t sell these characters outright (as stand alone graphics) … BUT! if you create something with them (banners, page headers, logos… etc) you can sell your creations.

  • Q.Do they have transparent backgrounds? What format are they in?

    A.Every image that comes with The Logo Creator is created in the .png file format and ALL of the images inside The Logo Creator have transparent backgrounds

  • Q.After I install these characters, where are they?

    A.The characters (and all graphics) that the Logo Creator uses can be found in the top ‘logo elements’ area. Watch this video to see where the characters will show up:

  • Q.Can I use my own images with other templates I might already have?

    A.Of course! 😀


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