NEW! Design Templates!

"Attention Getters"

50 designer templates to get your customers and visitors to look up and pay attention!
This set also includes a collection of high rez photo-realistic design elements.

Mix, match and modify them all! Create hundreds of amazing graphics for your website, blog and social media posts. You'll look like a Photoshop guru with this template set. ¬†ūüėÄ

Design Templates by Laughingbird Software

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The Attention Getters Design Template Pack will get attention from your customers and visitors... We've included hundreds of 'realistic' images that you can drag and drop into the ready-made templates. The more you modify each template, the more creative you'll get. Use them in your social media, blogs, Youtube videos and your website!

If you have your own business, or do ANYthing online, you know you need eye-catching graphics to make you look professional...

but QUALITY graphics can get expensive.

You'll love having HIGH QUALITY images (with transparent backgrounds) that'll increase your sales.

And did you know that you can SELL the images you create?!

With this designer template set, you'll get amazing graphics AND ready made templates that you can personalize to create hundreds of different creations... for your own business OR to sell to your customers.

Over 200 templates of people

With just a few changes, you'll have a brand new graphic in no time.

Over 200 templates of people

Add more elements, change the text... and you'll have ANOTHER new graphic in seconds!

Over 200 templates of people

Modify the templates to create hundreds of banners, page headers, logos, special offers and more.

Over 200 templates of people

These design templates contain a ton of realistic graphics. You can mix and match all of the figures, animals, plants, background graphics - and add your own images too!

Realistic Elements

Includes people images (all with transparent backgrounds!)... use them to draw attention to your marketing message.


There are lots of built in graphics to use!

and more images

Just drag and drop the images onto the canvas - add and modify the text; then export your final graphic in PNG and Jpeg formats. Use them in your own marketing graphics and web design or sell them to your customers.

Design Templates

These design templates are great for use with your video creations, business cards, logo designs, presentations and anything else you can think of. The only limit is your creativity!