The eCover Creator - $37

Start off by creating your awesome covers with the built in templates! Then, "Map" them to 3D boxes, magazines, fat and thin books and CD covers! These High Quality graphics will make you look like a graphics guru in minutes!

Download The eCover Creator today!

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The eCover Creator lets you easily design your own graphics and then use the ecovers for books, boxes, cd's, marketing materials and more.

The eCover Creator software

Watch this quick walk through

Start off with over 50 modifiable covers! Easy to change all of the elements in each cover!

Use all of these design templates to create ecovers for your online business... software, book covers, courses and marketing.

Over 50 eCover templates to easily modify

Change the text, the graphics ... the background images! EVERYthing can be modified and customized

An easy way to create an ecover for books, software, boxes, online courses, marketing and more.

A look inside the eCover Creator software

Once you finalize your cover design, "Map it" to one of the 50 3D images!

Some of the eCovers to choose from in the eCover Creator software

And finally, add text and other elements to make your 3D cover look amazing!

Modify eCovers and graphics using templates and graphics included with the software.

Here's an example of changing eCovers and graphics to suit your business.

Use them to create images like these:

Click the images to see the final 3D version!

We all know you need eye-catching, attention grabbing graphics for your website but QUALITY images CAN GET EXPENSIVE!

But with these amazing 3D graphics and templates... it's NOT expensive!
AND - you can create images like this in just minutes:

Get the new eCover Creator from Laughingbird Software

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The eCover Creator - $37

Modify high quality business card and logo templates. Print them yourself, or have them printed online (built in!) and sent right to your door!

Download The eCover Creator today!

Join our new Membership Club and get this product at the 'club price' (just $27!)

Check out the Membership benefits here!

The eCover Creator makes it easy to virtually cover all the books, boxes, and marketing material you need for your online business.

The eCover Creator software by Laughingbird Software

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5 responses to “The eCover Creator by Laughingbird Software”

  1. Liz says:

    Like like love

  2. Wayne says:

    Wayne Henderson ·
    I am experiencing an error with installation. See like the install directory is not properly formated creating an error in the install directory. Error Creating Directory

    C:\User\”My directory name”\documents\Laughingbird Documents/Logo With backlashes rather than forward slashes after Laughingbird Documents.

    • Hi there Wayne.
      Thanks for this.

      Okay. Try this.
      Look into your Documents folder on your computer. Find the “Laughingbird Documents” folder.

      Inside, you’ll see “Logo Libraries”
      Create a NEW folder and name it “Logo Elements” <---- exactly this Then try installing. Let me know if this does the trick

  3. Ron says:

    What is the file output, jpg,png etc html or flas ?

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