Business Card Software - $37

Modify high quality business card and logo templates. Print them yourself, or have them printed online (built in!) and sent right to your door!

( This Business Card Software is included when you purchase The Creator7 )

The Business Card Creator
Business Card Creator

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Creating your own business card can be really tricky ...and time consuming.

The Business Card Creator by Laughingbird Software makes it all REALLY EASY!

This hiqh quality (but low cost) Business Card Software contains stunning business card templates that you can mix and match - and add your own images too! Create images like these in just a few clicks:

Laughingbird's Business Card Software contains over 100 unique business card templates and images for you to mix and match!

Works perfectly with the new People Pak 2 template pack!

Business Card Software

Choose from many business card templates

modify business card templates

Easily modify business card templates

best business cards

There's nothing to draw! It's all drag and drop. Just find a template to modify, drag images onto the canvas or just change the text and you'll have an instant graphic! This is the easiest Business Card Software you'll ever use

Business Cards

I even use The Business Card Creator for myself!

Modify the business card templates, add the your own images or use the hundreds of built in graphics (like backgrounds and patterns) and create tons of business cards as well as banners, page headers, logos, special offers and more!

Business Card Example

The built in (online) printshop will let you create all kinds of items with your logo on it and have it delivered right to your door!

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Of course... you can import your own images too!

The Business Card Maker comes with hundreds of built in images! If you'd like to customize your cards even more ... you can import your own images too! Like a picture of yourself!

... It's as easy as pulling down a menu item.

create your own business card

create your own business card

Start creating my new Business Card designs with these stunning, easy to manipulate ... and really unique business card templates that'll make you look like a pro!

The Business Card Creator


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