The Alphabet Logo Collection

Create unique images for yourself and brand your business... or SELL the graphics you create with these eye catching images!

The Alphabet Logo Maker

Create all types of Alphabet related logos! Just drag and drop!

The Logo Creator - Alphabet Set

• 50 new templates to modify! • Over 31 different "Photoshop-quality" alphabet characters

...and 1,000 ways to use them!

Compatible with both Mac and Windows!MacWin_75

The Alphabet Collection Screenshot

This new set of logo templates includes over
31 creative letter designs that'll truly spark your creativity!


There's just nothing else like it!

Brand your business! Create unique business cards, logos and even blog graphics!

Choose a template (or start from scratch) and modify it in minutes!

(works great with ANY other graphics package you may already have from Laughingbird Software)

Choose a Template

And... best of all:

no photoshop needed

(but of course, you can use Photoshop WITH The Logo Creator and these templates to enhance your designs even more!)

New Alphabet Logo Set

This amazing one of a kind graphics powerhouse is ready to download right now! Just click the button below and you'll be creating beautiful alphabet graphics in minutes!

The Logo Creator - Alphabet Set

Have A Question...?

If you have any questions about the Alphabet Package? Comment below ... or visit the support center:

Let us know what you think!

4 responses to “Alphabet Logo Maker for The Logo Creator lv edition”

  1. Seann Valen says:

    Hey guys! Stop with the complaints about Mark not having a video with this package! I’ve had this
    software since the early days and have almost all the packages. I have to say I’ve NEVER been
    disappointed. In fact…I just purchased this and used it to make a quick cool logo for my company.
    It took me all of 2 minutes. I love this program and the add-on packages!

    By the way, I’m just an end-user. I use Logo Creator and a couple of other non-Photoshop programs
    to do all my designs. Jump in now while the price is $17!

    • admin says:

      Wow… Lol…
      Well thank you Seann! I really appreciated your comment.

      (I’m still going to create a video tho 😀 It’s only fair)

      Thanks for watching my back!

  2. Philip says:

    Hi Marc,
    Thanks for making the download experience nice and simple.
    Eager to start using the new Alphabet set…..and Thanks for coming up with such nice and useful stuff (as add-ons to Logo Creator). This ensures that TLC continues to remain fresh and “ever-green”.

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