Meet The Creator v7

The best (and easiest to use) design software on the net!

Mac and Windows Logo SoftwareCompatible with both Mac and Windows!

It's a Logo Maker • A Business Card Creator • A Character Mascot Generator • All rolled into one!

If you'd like to try out the software before purchasing, fill in your name and eMail address and we'll send you a free graphics package with 25 free templates and some cool design elements to play with!

(if you're already using the software and you're seeing a message about the app not working after 20 days, download and install this free set and your software will activate again)

Or - get the entire collection (over 400 templates and graphics!) now! It's all just $47

What if you had a logo maker AND a business card creator, a character mascot generator AND over 100 REAL people images... all in one place and ready-to-go?

imagine the possibilities

The Logo Creator is made up of 4 Modules

Heres what you get

Module 1 - Logo Templates

Start off with over 200 logo templates to modify

start off with logo templates

In just a few minutes
... you can go from this:

modify a template

to this:

new logo

Create blog graphics too!

blog graphics

the possibilities are endless!

logo composite

Module 2 - Business Card Templates

Watch this quick walk through

business card example
make business cards

I even use The Business Card Creator
for my own business!

my business cards

Module 3 - Character Mascot Creation

Watch and Learn what The Character Creator will do for you:

The Character Maker
Software to make Cartoon Characters
Drag and Drop Software
Character Creation Made Easy

laughingbird-bonusModule 4 - 100 People Images
and 50 additional Templates

transparent people images
Real People Images
200 templates

Edit the templates in minutes and create all kinds of great marketing graphics!

Marketing Graphics

The Logo Creator is the best logo design software on the net. And now, you get these 50 FREE templates and graphics when you purchase the software! Create blog graphics, page headers, forum graphics and more.

Over 400 'done for you' templates to modify!

These are full color logo templates! Not the 'clip art' looking logos that you see with all of those "free" logo makers online.

Logo Creator Templates

See What Others Are Saying About The Software:

Real feedback from our customers

shawn_wilsonSomething amazing happened on my computer today. I am so pleased with my new logo design and I want to make sure the whole hardworking, creative team knew about it. The  software has given me the power to not only make my logo ... it helped bring my other ideas to life!  SO easy to use

Shawn Wilson


pat-mcgovernSimply put, I love this software! You definitely have outdone yourselves

...I can't wait to get some of the other logo design template sets that you have planned! Please keep me informed when you create new modules for this amazing software. I love the add-ons!  (I went searching for logo design and found SO much more).

Pat McGovern

Finally, you'll stand out from the crowd! Your site will look amazing and your customers will love you!

Over 400 logo design templates • Business Card Templates • 100's of people images • AND you can design your own marketing mascot character!

All of this is included in your download portal:

bulletpointThe Logo Creator
(200 logo templates • Value $27)


bulletpointThe Business Card Creator
(50 templates, 100 business card elementsValue $27)


bulletpointThe Character Mascot Creator
(create hundreds of marketing characters • Value $27)


bulletpointBONUS: The People Pak
(100 images of real people with 50 new templates • Value $27)


... all of it for one low price - Just $47

The Logo Creator by Laughingbird Software

...You'll have professional-looking graphics in minutes!


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