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Thanks for purchasing the "People Pak" collection 2

Modify the templates to create tons of banners, page headers, logos, special offers and more!

Download the People Pak set 2 templates and graphics:



3 responses to “People Pak Set 2 Download Portal”

  1. Is there a video showing how to work on a very large canvas? I need to create 1600 by 1600 or larger and while I can create the canvas, it is difficult to work on the large surface. Your help is appreciated. I love The Logo Creator.

    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      I’m sorry, but a video that specific does not exist.

      To work on something that size you need to purchase the Youtube Channel Graphics Creator: the max size is 2880 x 2880. The max size in The Logo Creator is 1440 x1440

  2. Steven Kelly says:

    I have many of Mark’s addon’s. The You Tube Graphics pack is awesome and has a ton of great starting points to choose from to get ya started using it for larger images and banners. I just built a new tower with better upgraded parts to run faster and love the logo creator!

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