Laughingbird Software is proud to announce the release of our latest software product: The eCover Creator!
These High Quality 3D graphics will make you look like a graphics guru in minutes!

We’ve been working hard here in the Laughingbird Studio over the past few months.
Today, we’re releasing one of our two newest template sets. This one is really cool!

Watch this quick video on what The eCover Creator can do for you and your business:

Take a look at the graphics I’ve just literally created for the product pages!




With the eCover Creator, you’ll be able to create an image just like this:


Magazine Cover Idea


And turn it into a magazine cover… like this!  (in less than 30 seconds):


We’re really excited for you to check them out
Let us know what you think of them!


Click here for the full product info:

Create your own software box covers

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