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Thanks for purchasing these awesome marketing characters.

Use these characters in your video presentations - create logos with them - Facebook images and whatever else you can think of to spice up your site's look and feel!

Here's a great companion video you might enjoy! You can use your new characters to help market your site and services! Watch this quick tutorial:

Logo Making Software

First: Download the "Engine" - this is the actual software you'll be using.



Once you download the Creator7 - scroll down a bit to download the add-on graphics and template sets!

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2: Second, After you install The Logo Creator, download and install the characters

Download the Marketing Mascots set 3



10 responses to “Download The Cartoon Marketing Mascots Set 3”

  1. Tim Baiye says:

    Hello, I have purchased this product (Mascots set 3). i will like to know how can I go about the installation of the characters after successfully installing the Logo Creator. Thank you.

    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      All you need to do is click in the downloaded file– it is self extracting, and self installing. Please do not have the Logo Creator running during the installation process.

  2. Sean McAleer says:

    OK, just bought the mascots 3 your jvzoo thing…downloaded the latest logo creator first then the marketing mascots 3….. installed the tlc and did I just lose everything I have had in the past? Did the install overwrite all the other stuff I bought from you guys at TLC….????????

    All I see now is the new mascot 3…..

    Sean McAleer

  3. William Roberts says:

    I do not see anything in the zip file that will execute a self installation. I only see files.

  4. trent says:

    How do i install the Mascots set 3 into logo creator?
    When i open the files all i see is images i can’t see any installer to import it into the logo creator

    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      The mascot#3 pak has a self extracting / Installing EXE file…. You just double click on what you downloaded, not right mouse click, and it will install itself…

  5. trent says:

    I see the above comment
    THERE IS ONE EXCEPTION: THE 3D ANIMATED CHARACTERS. They do not come with an installer. You must drag and drop the SWF file into your Logo Elements folder

    i have unzipped it
    where is the Logo Elements folder??
    Can’t you just create a installer to import the images directly into the software rather than looking for different files?

    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      The animated character package is an exception: It contains content that is not compatible with the Logo Creator Interface: Animated GIF’s which were included as a courtesy– some users just prefer them. There is a README file that comes with the character pak that explains how to install them. ALSO: you can easily use the animated SWF files in a slew (That’s a tech term meaning a lot) of other applications— most users, I think, choose not to install the animated fellows into The Logo Creator: They add them to their own “Personal Library”…

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