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You did it! You're the proud owner of a fully licensed version with resell rights to BLOO!

You'll find the graphics and your license below!

The files below contain the graphics AND the certificate. You can download the license and keep it safe next to your characters.


Here are the rules for the license:

  • Yes, you can resell these now for 100% profit
  • Yes, you can add these to any membership site
  • Yes, you can use these as incentives for list building
  • No, you can't allow others to resell
  • No... you can't upload these to PLR sites
  • No, please no... don't let the black hat or Warez forums have these either.

( you paid good money for these... why let others have them for free? )


You should also have access to the INSTALLER files that will attach BLOO to you copy of The Logo Creator.

If you haven't yet downloaded them, you can visit: and download it from there,

Below, you'll find your license and the separate PNG characters

Download The BLOO Certificate!

  • This is your license to resell BLOO.
    Keep it safe ... and have fun selling!

Download the BLOO .png files

  • Bloo Graphics (all of the PNG images)  (24Mb)
    Bloo Graphics (all of the PNG images) (24Mb)

    This is the full download for all of the graphics.
    They'll download as one big .zip file. Hopefully, you'll know what to do with a ZIP file. If you don't ... consider a tool like

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