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Create your own mascot characters or choose one of these awesome character packs!

Mac and Windows Compatible
Mega Marketing Mascots
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300 Vector & PNG Mascot Characters

Bring your Headers, Banner Ads, eCovers and Webpages to LIFE using this MEGA collection of high quality high impact low cost marketing characters!

Imagine What You Could Create...

Your web design's need character. And THIS package contains 310 marketing mascots for you to use on business cards, logos, page headers, youtube pages and more! Includes Vector, PNG, EPS and SVG images (great for white board or other web design software products!)

Only $47

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The Character Creator
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The Character Creator

Need a mascot character to help promote and sell your services? THIS is the ultimate Character Creation tool! This easy to use  web design software contains a TON elements to help you create the perfect sales person for your business.

100 different body poses, 50 'heads with no faces'... hundreds of EYES and Mouth images, hair, hats and other items to create your perfect marketing character!

Only $27

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Meet Bloo! ...he'll help you sell your stuff!

Bloo is a marketing character collection with 122 different poses!!

These high quality mascots install right into your copy of The Logo Creator OR the Youtube Channel Graphics Creator!

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3D bubble Characters
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3D Character Collection

Have you ever seen those little 3D plastic-dough-boy characters?

… they’ve actually been proven to help improve sales! Get your hands on these 200 3D marketing characters! 100 male characters, and 100 female characters!

Only $27

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