New images and logo templates for The Logo Creator

  • Tom Nocera says:

    My upgrade to the latest and greatest Logo Creator from Laughingbird Software installed without a hitch. I am delighted. Your software, over the years, has proven to be the best investment in a creativity tool I’ve ever made. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Tom.
      You’ve been with me for years and I appreciate it. (I think I’m still using one of your testimonials somewhere on the site!)


  • Phillip Jones says:

    Here is what the new 6 shows:

    • admin says:

      Hi Phillip.
      I’ts hard to tell if you’re on a Mac or Windows when I view your screenshot there.

      It looks like the installer didn’t put the templates into your Documents folder.

      If you’re on a WindowsXP machine, look into your “Documents and Folders/Documents” folder on your computer. You (hopefully) will find “Laughingbird Documents”

      Move this to your MY DOCUMENTS folder.

      I have two installers. One for XP, and one for Windows Vista and Win7.
      The XP installer will put the “Laughingbird Documents” into the My Documents folder. The other installer puts in into ‘Documents’ if you’re using Win7

      If you’re running on a Mac – I’m baffled.

      Let me know if you read this…


      • Kane says:

        Not getting templates please help. M on windows 7

        • admin says:

          Hi Kane.
          Hop over to this page and see if the top three items help:

        • Zahn says:

          Hallo Kane, I use Windows also

          this file must be exactly here:

          C:Documents and SettingsuserMy Documents
          if your PC have another language then be sure that this file: “Laughingbird Documents” in his exact place like above mentioned

          Thanks for the super Support

  • Charlene Christiano says:

    I just uploaded the v.6 program without any problem. It looks better than the last, easier to use, and more sophisticated. My only complaint , as it stands, is that I recently purchased the 5.2 version and spiritual package which does not get integrated with this new version upon installation requiring me to keep the older version too. I almost deleted those, good thing I checked first. Just something to consider in the future. I’m looking forward to playing with this new version and the new Facebook one too when it’s available.

  • Ron Bissell says:

    Marc, I just took a look at my templates and see only one set. Is that correct? When I read and watch your videos I get the impression the software came with hundreds of templates and other elements. Perhaps I have the same problem as above. I’m running a 27′ iMac. Do I rerun the installer or look somewhere else. Other than this I absolutely LOVE the new software. Ron

    • gcuneo2 says:

      There is only one directory in version 6.0 that contains pre-designed templates. That directory is about 100MB in size. I believe there are 203 logo templates total.

      Here is where mine are, on my computer, yours should be in the same location (of course my name GLENN would be different on your computer)!

      C:UsersGlennDocumentsLaughingbird DocumentsLogo LibrariesLogo Templates

      Unlike with previous versions there are tons and tons of elements included in ver 6.0. You can also manually copy element libraries from version 5.0 and have them show up in 6.0. Look for my username (GCUNEO2) in the Laughingbird forum- I posted simple instructions how to do that.

      Many of the old (if not all) of basic elements (swooshes and orbs for example) are included in 6.0. Some are in different categories, but overall the elements are of a much higher quality that in previous versions!

      • Ron Bissell says:

        Thanks for the reply. I was just curious as to how many was enclosed. Reading the text in most ads it sounded like there should have been hundreds so I was checking to make sure I received all in my download. Sometimes files can be missed on installation. My question in no way says anything negative about Logo Creator. My experience now over 5 or 6 years has been extremely positive. The people add-on is super and filled with many more images and logos. Love version 6.

  • Mike Thurman says:

    I just downloaded the upgrade. Looks great, installed perfectly and very quickly. Thanks Marc for all your hard work!

    Thanks again,
    Mike Thurman

  • John says:

    Hi Marc

    Well I downloaded V6.0 and 8 hours later I just left the software to write you how much I like it even after 8 hours of playing with it. I will be buying the people pack and facebook timeline add on. I have only had a problem with one pack but everything else Helen and I have bought work perfectly and downloaded with no problems. Look forward to what else you may come up. I am sold on the software.

  • Ralph Douglas says:

    I also have only 6 logos running Macbook Pro

  • Jamie Fagan says:

    Hi Marc, I have the same problem as Phillip above. After downloading and installing the upgrade, and running the new opening screen, there are no templates to choose from, nor are there any “Image Elements”.
    Any ideas?

  • Robert says:

    Well everything installed without any problems and is running great. So my hats off to you and your crew for getting this new version to us, all though a day late…lol Just kidding. Keep up the work and hope to see more templates soon.

  • Glenn Polacek says:

    Laughing Bird Software never disappoints! My upgrade of the Logo Creator installed perfectly and when I opened the software I was in graphic heaven! I expected a few nice changes but you really did an amazing job Marc. I would love to write more but I’m off to redo all the graphics on my web site!

  • Lenore says:

    Wow, the new version is awesome and you can’t beat the customer support. (smile) Just got it installed and played with a few elements and could not believe how versatile the program is and the quality of the images. You did good Marc!

  • SAM says:

    Hi marc same problem here with me. Not getting templates from the drop down menu. I am on Windows 7. I dont see templates. Help me Marc

    • Zahn says:

      Hallo SAM, I use Windows:

      this file must be exactly here:

      C:Documents and SettingsuserMy Documents
      now my programm is working and I can find everything again 🙂

      Thanks for the super Support

  • Irene Martha says:

    Hi Marc,

    Congratulation, great job. I had no problem with the downloading. as above I touht there was more templete to choose from. Other thing I have the Design Suite I tought this new version will authomaticaly change that one in the Design Suite.

  • Doug says:

    Got my first taste of your software as an add-in to The Printshop V.22 (Pro Publisher version) and wound up purchasing a couple of different programs over the years. Still think the Logo Creator is the coolest program in my graphics arsenal. Much thanks for the upgrade – installed without a hitch.

  • roberto says:

    Great Work! Indeed!
    Wow….best compliments to Marc and the team!

  • Paul Batten says:

    Hello Marc I spent ages trying to upgrade up to version 6! it wasn’t working no matter what I did – got so frustrated I ended up buying the damn thing in the end installed it and everything is fine. very pleased with it even though the upgrade was such a problem

    • admin says:

      Hi Paul.
      Really? I’m sorry to hear this.

      eMail me – and let me know what the problem was so I can look into this.

  • Sam says:

    Hi Marc i had downloaded, v6 and installed in my user account of win 7, and installation was sucessful. But there were no templates so i logged in admin account and moved laughingbird documents in tlc templates folder. In admin account all templates appear but in user account no templates appear ????

    Why is this ??? How can i fix it ????

    I accidentally deleted tlc v5 and i want to redownload my tlc 5. The problem is the email that i had registered is deleted. So i dont have current copy of v5. I had purchased megapak. I want to redownload. Can u mail me the link with download of v5 mega pak. Thanx


  • PeterM says:

    The Documents and Settings in my installation is on drive E: but Laughingbird Documents always get installed to druve C: and must then be copied to drive E: manually (same place of course). Then only they are available to the Creator.

    • admin says:

      Hi Peter — I’ll work on this on a new installer.
      (and correct, the templates will only be available for version 6.0 and later)

      • Sam says:

        Hi logo templates appear in admin account, but they dont appear in User account in TLC 6

  • TommyG says:

    Thanks for all your help this weekend Marc. You are truly dedicated to your product. I already completed my first logo since doing so in v5 on my MAC. V6 is sweet. Look forward to some of your future tutorials too.

  • Vegard Vevstad says:

    I upgraded to v.6. Text alignment (left, center, right) does work for me. Went back to v.5, and it works fine. What to do?

    • admin says:

      Hi Vegard.
      … that’s odd. Make sure you’re clicking on the text item – and you see a yellow border around the text – before you try to modify it.

      See if this works.

  • Linda Aben says:

    yesterday my internet connection wasnt working correctly and i was dieing to upgrade to V6 i spend over an hour trying just because i was so curious to the new version. today the internetconnection worked and it downloaded withing several minutes, And it was word every bit of excitement (and frustration of yesterday).
    The program is beyond my imagination and its like io have downloaded the megapack instead of just one version of a package.
    Cant image what the new megapack must be like if the Logocreator version 6 is already beyond any imagination

  • Sean says:

    Except for a minor installer hiccup – Ver. 6.0 is awesome, even on my old white Macbook. I do recommend the people pak and the Facebook pak. Marc great work on this release! ~ Sean

  • Debbie Bannon says:

    Thanks Marc. All sorted now. It’s great xxx

  • Brian James Hadley says:

    Hi there.
    I really like quite a lot of your designs although I am a professional designer myself, I would mainly use these for family and friends!
    Is this software, ie the designs, for commercial usage? if not would you clarify other than for personal use why since we have purchased almost every package from you to use “Professionally” couldn’t we do so??


    • admin says:

      Hi there Brian!
      Yes, you can do – and sell anything you create with the software. — The sky’s the limit.

      … just don’t tell me if you make $20,000 on a design 🙂

      • Brian James Hadley says:

        Ok then I’ll promise not to say anything if you don’t!


  • Ralph says:

    Hi I am very interested in this logo creator what I would like to know is can I also edit my own images like changing text on it or psd’s that one usually get when I buy some WSO that come with it.


    • Jacque Small (@jacquebig) says:

      You can edit your own images and add text. It is really easy. I downloaded the software and created a book cover in just a couple of hours using all my own images.

  • keith says:

    Trying to install v6, but nothing is installing Win7/64

  • David Pabon says:

    My goodness! What a great program. Been a long time that I have been pleased with a software from the get go. I have no art skills and I am looking like a professional now. Friends are wondering how did I get so good at graphics. Will keep the secret for a while. Keep up the good work.

  • Marnie says:

    I’ve downloaded V6 3 times now and I have no templates and no graphics, but the entire file is downloading. I need to use this today, I’d love to get a response, I’ve contacted you since yesterday. Thanks.

  • JL says:

    Hey there…love the version 5.3 you gave as a free download. What generosity! I actually have an older XP and am speccing a new machine with Windows 7 (‘course!). WHich do I purchase? Must I purchase two different versions for the two machines?

    Big hugs

  • Vic says:

    Hi Marc,

    Great software.

    But I am having problems… please see below.

    I am looking to make small Logos… Max size: 233PX X41PX.

    Because that is all the header will allow.

    Is this possible with your sofware?


  • Susannah says:

    Hi Marc,

    This has got to be my favourite creative tool. Not knowing Photoshop, nor did I want to learn, I felt as if I was backed into a corner and forced to pay others for simple graphics tasks. Then along came The Logo Creator. I love it! It does exactly what I need it to do – and more!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  • tony says:

    Any button pack or button creator pls

  • Bob HUrst says:

    This is the funnest software I have had the joy of using. You’ve done a great job of making it so user friendly. Looking forward to many hours of creating awesome fb timeline headers and logo’s . Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into this.

  • says:

    I accidentally stumbled over the the Logo Creator. And I was amazed ! Such a Super Software doesn`t exist in the “Old World” Germany – at least not in this professional quality ! Hat off ! – |||SEO||Marketing||WordPress|||

  • Richard says:

    i’ve only just started using this program, and granted it’s the trial version, but i am already impressed! as soon as i figure out how to pay for it, i’m buying the full version.

  • Lee Miller says:

    Marc you are doing great, I love your products several of my friends tried my program that I got from you and went on to buy it for themselves.
    I can’t wait to hear about any other products you may be working on, I will be the first to buy it. As an Idea I would love to see something to help me create landing pages in a different style than those out there now.
    Tom I really like that you come on and help us with problems we may be having, great customer service. My cowboy hat is off to you and your company.

  • aman says:

    nice good work

  • Mark Owens says:

    I have been using this software for quite some time now, and it has inspired me from the very start!!! Your selling this software for a VERY fair price!!!!! Thanks for not being GREEDY!!!!

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