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With this award winning Graphics Creator – you’ll be making your own images like these in minutes!


logo design software

Welcome to Laughingbird Software! The easy way to create your own online graphics!

Logo Design Software, business card creation, social media images and so much more!

Using any of the laughingbird software products below, you’ll be able to create your own logos, business cards Youtube banners (and thumbnails images!)  … and all kinds of Social Media and Blog graphics!

All in your own time, at your own pace
and all without using Photoshop or any hiring a designer  😀

Mac and Windows compatible!

Logo design & Web Graphics Bundle

THE Graphics bundle: Logos, business cards & Marketing templates!

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Social Media Templates

120 ready to use Social Media Templates!

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The Youtube Banner Maker

Instantly create Youtube banners and amazing thumbnails!

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The eCover Creator Template Set

Instantly create stunning eBook and Software box covers!

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The Flat Graphics Template Set

Create your own blog graphics, website images and Facebook ads!

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The Mockup Creator Template Set

77 high quality realistic photo templates to create with!

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Design Elements Pack

Over 650 high quality design elements!

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Comic Design Elements

500 high quality comic style graphics

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Paper Toons

40 Amazing Characters & 50 high quality templates

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Real People Images Set 1

50 predesigned logo templates, 200 "real people" graphics

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Real People Images Set 2

50 predesigned logo templates, 200 "real people" graphics

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Real People Images Set 3

50 predesigned logo templates, 200 "real people" graphics

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With this amazing logo design software, you’ll be creating your own logos, web graphics, business cards and social media images in minutes!

Watch some of these tutorials! Get to know the software in minutes...

Design Blog Graphics in Six Easy Steps

One of your biggest challenges as a blogger is to design relevant, high-quality blog graphics for each post.

You’ve probably heard that nicer website or blog graphics are read more easily and get way more social media shares. The problem is that you’re NOT a graphic designer and don’t have time to learn complicated design techniques.  Well, that’s okay! Read more to find out how to have awesome web and blog graphics in minutes.

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