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Thanks for purchasing the The Business Card Creator! You're going to love it.

First: Download the "Engine" - this is the actual software you'll be using.

The Logo Creator



Please note: If you already have The Creator installed on your machine you can disregard this first step  😀

Once you download the Creator7 - scroll down a bit to download the add-on graphics and template sets!



Watch these three quick videos ... they'll get you started and show you how to use both The Logo Creator and The Business Card Creator together.

Here's a quick walk through using
The Business Card Creator

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  • Redonna Noriega says:

    When I download my just purchased windows version, it takes me straight to Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Any way to get assistance Please? Thank You!

    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      It seems that you may have accidentally set your “open with” option to the Office picture manager. RIGHT mouse click on the downloaded file, select OPEN WITH, the choose DEFAULT PROGRAM…. I highly recommend you pick one of your zipping tools, Winzip or 7-zip are free!

  • Glenn Cuneo says:

    I am still waiting on a response from the owner about this….

  • Paul Soden says:

    Hey Glenn,

    The downloads I made won’t install on less than OS 10.7. I am running 10.6.8. Do you have a legacy version that I can run?


  • Glenn Cuneo says:

    Try turning off your antivirus during the installation….

  • I use the software myself!




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