Update (version 7.2) coming to The Creator7!

(I'll announce the update here in this space, and I'll also send out an eMail update.
Look for it the week of July 11th to the 15th)

The graphic above was created with the new "flat graphics" set I'll be launching shortly! Stay tuned!)

Updates and Enhancements:

Along with some speed enhancements and some 'behind the scenes' improvements, we're changing things around a bit.

For example the "Format Canvas" button will now be easier to use (see above screenshot).
The Facebook button (in the top right of your app) will now point to the Private Laughingbird group rather than the Laughingbird business page.

Other enhancements you can look forward to...

"jaggy" rotating bug fixed!

On some machines, when you rotate a large jpeg image... it will distort.
This has been fixed Β πŸ™‚

Enhanced and easier menu navigation

Some menu items have changed. "Save a version..." is now "Save as..." for example

New Color Picker option...

Pending ... (cuz we're working on it as I type this!) Β  πŸ˜€

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  • One issue I have is the difficulty selecting different elements in the window. Often the background gets selected and moves when I don’t want it to. Elements often are difficult to select and move easily. Making this better would be very nice. I do love the software. These are some issues I have had.

  • Great product, it would be nice if objects could be aligned to the layout and/or to each other. Primarily center align. Thanks

    • hahah – Hi Sheladon.

      Website Creation is too big for me. Plus – there are just way too many programs out there to compete with (how could I ever compete with the likes of Wix.com)
      … BUT! I’m creating graphics you can use WITH these online website makers πŸ˜€

  • Thank you Mark & Lisa for all your hard work and inspiration over the past years. It’s been a real Joy using this creative tool “The Creator” !!! This thing definitely keeps getting better like Tina Turner with Age! lol πŸ™‚