Laughingbird Software Affiliates: Check out these affiliate marketing resources to help you sell

To help you become a successful affiliate, we’ve put together a list of marketing resources written and created by Laughingbird Software.

They can be used to help you learn more about selling to your customers.

Get Help Selling as an Affiliate with These Marketing Resources

  1. Ready-made Graphics Creator images to place on your site or social media.

    These “Creatives” already contain your affiliate ID (unless they are a .zip file, in which case you’ll need to add your affiliate link to the image when posting it):
  2. Check out these 6 tutorials to help you market yourself (and use The Graphics Creator to do so of course)
  3. Find out how to Design Eye-Catching Ads for Your Target Audience
  4. To get more people to your site, take a look: SEO Tips for Images
  5. Learn How to Write and Design Catchy Headlines that’ll get you noticed
  6. Put a plan in place that’ll consistently Drive Traffic from Social Media
  7. Create a Free Offer to draw your customers in
  8. If you’re selling on Pinterest, check out How to Create Video Pins (motion graphics get more views!)
  9. If you’re selling on YouTube, check this out: How to Make YouTube End Screens