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Create all the marketing graphics you need with easy pre-designed templates... and get them at a big discount!

Logos, buttons, banners, eCovers, mock-ups, animated presentations, social media graphics, video backgrounds, cartoon characters, royalty free images & lots more.


And you don't need to be a graphic designer!

Mac and Windows Compatible

Graphics Club Membership Details:

- $27/month!

- Each month you'll get 37 credits (which equals $37)!

- You only need 27 credits to purchase most of the club products!

  • That's a savings of $10 every month on a product of your choice... AND
  • For each month's membership, you'll collect an EXTRA 10 credits!  
  • After only three months, you'll have 30 free credits towards ANY software product in the store. That's a totally FREE product!
  • New design & marketing tools are constantly being added!
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The minute you join, you’ll receive 37 credits. You can use these credits towards any product in Laughingbird’s store!

Most products only require 27 credits to purchase. Which means you get to collect and save the extra 10 credits every month! Once you collect 30, you can download another software product …free!

Every month as long as you’re a member, you’ll be billed $27 (via Paypal or credit card) and you’ll receive your 37 credits automatically. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, online marketer, graphic designer or local business with an online presence, you’ll get valuable, high-quality, professionally-designed graphics to use anywhere on the web… at an incredible discount!

We’ll be creating software every month. New template packages, graphics and marketing tools that’ll help boost your brand and help your business grow!

Sometimes, we’ll release products sooner than a month, you can download them instantly with your credits!

What is The Creatorpreneurs Club?

The Creatorpreneurs Club is a monthly membership in which a member gets any Laughingbird Products at a significant discount. You’ll get all of the graphics and software design functionality you need to design online graphics. As a member, you’ll save, on average, $10 off of a $37 product. Not only will you pay (for example) only $27  a month and get a $37 product, you’ll get extra credits each month to save up and use towards a free product, after only 3 months (and every 3 months thereafter as long as you continue your membership)!

What do I get when I join? And how soon do I get access to the content?

Once you submit payment, you’ll be directed to the “Credit Store” and can then browse Creator Paks (aka: “products”). Click on “use credits” next to the chosen pak when you’ve made your decision. You can download your selection immediately.  You’ll also get a “Thank you” email with membership login details…

How much is the membership? And do I get billed automatically?

$27 per month billed automatically one month from the day you first joined the club, and at the same time each month thereafter.

Are there any long term obligations? Can I cancel at any time?

No obligation and no worries! You can cancel at any time “inside the credit store”            and you won’t be charged for the next month.


What if I want another product but don’t have anymore credits to spend until next month?

As a Creatorpreneur Club member, you can always buy additional credits at a discount. For example, you may already have 10 extra credits from the previous month but need 17 more credits to get the product you want right now. You can purchase an additional 35 credits at a discounted price of only $30.

We've just released two new template sets!
More packages will be coming shortly! Have a look at what's coming...!

BEST VALUE! - all 300 templates just $47

Previously called "The Logo Creator" ... we've updated the software to include SO much more!

Get all 300 template and graphics sets (listed below) for one low price! The Creator7 bundle is a collection of logo templates, business card templates (have professional cards sent right to your door!) PLUS - you'll get a character creator and over 100 "real people" images to use in your designs (all with transparent backgrounds!)

Club Price Just $37!

This bundle includes ALL of these 4 template packages

The Logo Creator

The Logo Creator Set

The Business Card Creator

The Business Card Creator

The People Pak Collection Set #1

The People Pak Collection #1

The Character Creator Software

The Character Creator

Membership price just $27 per month!

• Each month you'll get 37 credits!

• Most products are only 27 credits!

(so you get to collect 10 extra credits each month! ...And they roll-over!)

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Graphics Software for your online business

With Laughingbird Software products, you'll become the graphics master of your website.

In no time at all - you can have logos, buttons, banners, Youtube and social media graphics ...splash pages, thumbnails, coupon graphics and unique cartoon mascots