How to use The Social Media Pak


Social Media Pak Instructions and Video Coming shortly 


I’m building this page up over the next few days. I’ll soon have a video on using this Add on Pak. — for now, play with the software and have fun. It’s easy to use!

(Don’t worry, you won’t miss anything …Soon: A link to the How-To video will also be shown to you when you launch The Logo Creator)

  • Hi Marc, I just got this pak and I can’t wait to get started playing with it. I would love to get the membership but for me the $27/month is cost prohibitive at this moment. I will still keep using the products and purchasing new ones when I can. I LOVE these products!

  • I’ve bought almost all of your offerings. They are all awesome, and the software is easy to use as well! The main think I like about doing business with you is that you don’t sell us something and then disappear. You can’t put a value on that…

  • I use Creator 7 almost on a daily basis. Anything I need to create can be done if you just put your mind to it. Thanks for the awsome software!

    • Hi Bruce.
      That’s great to hear! There really is a lot you can do with the software… I see some amazingly creative ways that customers have used it (things even we hadn’t had thought of)!

      Enjoy 🙂

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